A Rainy Moment

(Photo Credit: Jacquelicious)
(Photo Credit: Jacquelicious)

A mother and her two kids were standing outside of the Supermarket, when suddenly heavy rains fell. She looked at the dark sky and felt that intense fall would not stop. Her little one ask her.

“ Mom, let us run through the rain.”

“What ?” The mother answered with irritation while looking at some people sheltering nearby.

The bigger kid excitedly asked her mother.

Mom, come let us bath in the rain!”

“Quiet, kid!” she said loudly, while moving her kids toward her big umbrella.

Please mom, let us run now” her little girl ask again.

No, baby we will not, we’ll wait until it slows down a bit, then we’ll go home.” Mom replied.

At that moment the mother did not want to allow her children to bath in the rain because she was worried that people would say something bad about her. She is not afraid about the health of her kids if they play under the rain. Only on her minds were those bad words that people might say.

But as she stared at her younger child’s sad angelic face, she looked around and prayed.

Then suddenly, the mother smirks at her two kids and to the other people hearing their talks. She closed her big umbrella and with a big smile, she asked her children to run with her. Those people who saw them seemed shock. They thought that these kids have a silly mom, so stupid that she led her children to ran through the rain and be physically unwell.

“ Foolish mom” she heard one person utter as they passed by and the other said,
“Crazy” and also, she heard some offensive term.

Her children screamed and laughed as the rain touched their bodies. She also yelled happily. She played with them under the heavy rains and dance in it’s continues drops. It was like a music that gives a joyful beats.

She and her kids had fun with it. It was a good bonding. It gave exactly what she asked for – true meaning of happiness, no more doubts, no hesitations, no limitations, no disappointments and no more fears.

That moment was a big deal, not just for her, but for her children. She, for a very short period of time, had made her kids so happy. For her, it was her shortest moment with her kids that create the longest impact. Yes, they really need washing, they were all wet, but who cares. They had that time, a great moment she tried to avoid because of her fear for what the other would say. She said to herself that she will never let other people steal her joy and leave her downcast! Instead, enjoy what God has given to her.

She realized that the key element for a victorious life is one that is tuned with God. A happy life is one that is lived by God’s grace and power alone, completely dependent on Him – not with other people.

For her, life is not about waiting for the rain to pass by. It is about learning how to get through with it. It is not about what your neighbor would say, it is about what you will feel and gain.

About My Rain

I do believe in possibility that no matter how you feel we should get up, dress up, and show yourself with a big smile. A dreamer, a goal catcher...