A perfect place for summer get away?

Summer is approaching and we all want to have a perfect place to spend this season. Do you want to escape the city, be relaxed, and have  nature tripping? There is this resort in Los Banos, Laguna that can satisfy your longing. Come on, here are the seven (7) reasons why you should choose Laresio Lakeside Resort for your next summer getaway!

Why Choose Laresio As Your Summer Destination?

  1. It is very accessible.

You can reach Laresio by land and it is just only a less than an hour drive from Makati (if not traffic of course!). If you don’t like to sail a boat or ride an airplane, Laresio could be your perfect option.

  1. The mother nature is with them and they can share it with you.

Laresio is a hidden gem located in Tadlac, Los Baños, Laguna. If you’re inside the resort, you can feel that you are in paradise. They offer extreme nature tripping quality. They have direct access to the nature preserved Tadlac Lake which is a crater lake within Laguna Lake. This is the favorite jet ski area of the former President Marcos. Just imagine!


The serenity within. (Photo grabbed from http://www.laresio.com/)

They also have Camp Q, The Quarried Hill which has a bird sanctuary, a camping ground, “beach” volleyball, outdoor lake archery, a venue for a garden wedding and a lot more.

You don’t just do sight-seeing, you actually interact with nature up close and personal.

It also has a majestic view of Mount Makiling, a great canvass for that instagram-able backdrop.

The Majestic Mount Makiling (Photo grabbed from http://www.laresio.com/)
  1. They are versatile.

Laresio has well-thought and social media inspired activities and amenities. Laresio is sensitive to the clamour of the netizens, whatever goes viral and adaptable,they bring it to life here.

Laresio at night (Photo grabbed from Laresio Facebook Page)


Santy’s first attempt to try the Vine Swing.
  1. They are unique.

Laresio has The Pool Park which is like a Swiss army knife of pools. It has a lot of activities in it, an outdoor movies, comedy and acoustic band shows on a Saturday night and a party feel set up on an ordinary day.

The New Pool Park (Photo grabbed from http://www.laresio.com/)
  1. They have the best dish and drinks that will will satisfy your hunger and thirst.

Hungry? Thirsty? Chill? They offer Good Food, Music and Drinks at Tavern.

Yummy Foods! Indulge! (Photo grabbed from http://www.laresio.com/)

6. Laresio is a place for relaxation.


The resort has hotel facilities to nurture you after a busy day.

Relax and be comforted (Photo grabbed from http://www.laresio.com/)

It has fully equipped halls and venues for your gathering. They have clean and big pools which are all natural hot-spring.

7. Laresio is all in one!

Be it a corporate affair, a family milestone celebration, a barkada gimmick or simply a date, they got you covered! Based on my personal experience! I am 100% certain that they can amaze and entertain you.

Events you can prepare now (Photo grabbed from http://www.laresio.com/)

What are you waiting for?

Visit their website for more details www.laresio.com


This article was originally posted in Laresio Facebook page with modifications by Santy03


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