A Nurse’ Incubus

Nurses are the angels of the sick room

but does our country have a room for them?” – Jeini Relova

I was astounded when I saw an article regarding one of the DOH (Department of Health) I was actually somewhat encouraged to apply for next year’s batch when I saw an article regarding the new proposal regarding the salary of the nurses that will be deployed on the RN HEALS program.

At first, I was encouraged to actually apply and go for it, since I badly want to practice my profession already. I’m not getting younger you see. But as I was reading the article it hit me! “P60,000/month, totoo ba talaga ito? Lagpas pa sa inaasahan na talagang sahod a? (P60,000/month, is this for real. It’s almost higher for the expected salary.)”. Then I was a bit confused that how come the article said the “usual salary” that the RN HEALS Nurse is getting will be doubled.

The amount and the statement really doesn’t sum up. I was then right! As I go over again the internet, I saw an “updated and corrected” article. It  turned that it was only P16,000/month. I was still encouraged, but come to think of it, the nurses will still be underpaid and some are exploited.

I took up Nursing after finishing Care Giving and Midwifery (all passed and now registered as well) and so thankful to God that I graduated with flying colors and able to pass my Licensure Examination in one attempt. Honestly it’s because of the influence of the”economical boost” way back 2006, family encouragement and I was also derange when I was choosing what course to take, even though I was really inclined to taking “Digital Animation” or “Fashion Design” or whatsoever Art related back then. And today, I have to face the truth that whenever I’m asked what course I took up and what work I’m in, I always have this  4-words to start the open-ended questions.

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“I’m a Nurse, but..”

There’s so many possible answers that nurses usually connect to this statement whenever they have to also face FAQs about their profession and field in life. The 5-leading question (What, Who, Where, Which and How) will surely be complete as well.

Not only are the people around us are able to ask certain questions, but nurses also tries to contemplate in regards to their fate. The most common is the opportunity that the country & world offers and the proper payment for such services.

But why is that they are not really be able to actually provide the proper services?  It’s because of a certain problems that Registered Nurses and Newly Registered Nurses are facing also or the government itself has it’s flaws one way or another? That’s is why some of our fellow nurses tries to make a turn on their profession and engaged into a “well paid” job to be able to survive the real world. Some are blessed and are already successful while others are still on their way.

Job Opportunities. I thought that when I graduated and pass my board examination it would be easy to actually apply for a job since there were a lot of issues regarding the scarce resource of needed nurses to serve and be able to fill-up the needs of a certain institution or hospital.

The sad truth, it’s true that they are “in-demand” of nurses but the ratio of nurses to patients is quite not justifiable and the real said truth is that there are also an increase in the population of Registered Nurses who are “in need of a job” and are “jobless“. So the government was able to actually come up and somewhat a solution ease the burden of the concern Nurses who are badly in need of a job and experience and also the demand of the institutions. Thus, RN Heals (Registered Nurses for Health Enhancement And Local Service)Program was then implemented last 2011

It just saddens me as well that even though that there are “possible vacancies” and programs implemented as such, we cannot erase or deny the fact that the system or procedure that is being applied on the deployment and hiring are biased. Some times, credentials doesn’t matter anymore, as long as you have a “backer” (the one you know who has power to aid you land a job), you are rest assured of a spot among the delegates and applicants who are trying for the position. Prejudice? Discrimination? Dynasty?

 I’m not sure but as long as our system is like that I do believe that there will be lesser opportunities for those who are really skilled and have the requirements. And the more than saddens me are those who are doesn’t have experiences can’t have experiences because they are not gievn the chance to prove themselves as well. I just hate it every time it happens and all we can do – for now – is just deal with it.

Salary grade. This is one of the concerns of those who got their licences and able to practice their profession. What is really the rightful amount and humane income of a certain Registered Nurse? When I was a student we have this subject during our 4th year, where we have to really have a clear view of our rights as a profession. Taking up Professional and Adjustment it was said in RA 9173 (The Nursing Act of The Philppines of 2002). Sec. 32 that the salary that a Nurse should receive in our country is Salary Grade 15. In reality it’s just wasn’t the expected. The sad truth, some are merely just exploited and even paid on a much lower income.

The sad reality, the government still needs to actually see the bigger picture. Is to actually come up of a real solution to the number of Nurses who just wants to practice the Degree that they’ve took up and be able to gain experience of the profession they are entitled to. I’m not against our government or whatsoever, it’s just the way things are in the way the system flows, are just heartbreaking </3

I’m still waiting for an improvement regarding this matter and I’m not downing my hopes, because I know that someday I will be able to wear that White Uniform and Nurse cap once again. That I will be able to finally and proudly say that, “Yes, I am an angel of a sick room and I’m a Philippine Registered Nurse.” without any hesitations. Someday.?

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” – Jeremiah 29:11

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