A Nostalgic Letter to the Called

(Photo Credit: Lulu)
(Photo Credit: Lulu)

All of us have been there. That moment when we pondered to ourselves, “God, is that really You?”; Then came the vivid answer that He is indeed calling you and I. Simply to obey Him. Obey.  And certainly, you and I, in one way or the other, answered to that call. For some, it took them a long time to respond. For others, a great struggle lurked their innermost, yet responded anyhow; yet for a few, they responded quickly. Regardless of how long or how short nor how hard or how easy it took you and I to respond to His “special calling”, I am sure each of us had one basic foundation – Faith.

 All of us have been there. In one moment or so, we uttered our own version of excuses. “God, I’m still young”. “Lord, are You sure? I think I’m already too old for this”. “Yes, Lord. But You see, I still have dreams to pursue”. “Father, I have a 100% stage-fright. Please, let me volunteer my friend!”. “God, I’m totally broke. How can I even pay my entrance fee?” “Lord, who will even believe in me? I am nothing”. – and so on.

These excuses could be way exaggerated. But I am convinced that these are close to what we’ve spoken when we were there, weaving our excuses. Then something happened. It was as if a spark within us was lit upon. Suddenly, and suddenly, we knew in our heart that our concerns are no match to Him – His whole being. For then, a realization gradually dawned upon you and I. He is able. No more how’s, what if’s or but’s. We just decided to stand firmly on that, that faith which started to burn. Yes, it was that tiny spark we felt. Subsequently, it grew stronger and stronger, burning with passion. Faith, we called it; something beyond the explanation of sound reasons.  In a matter or so, our journey of obedience was inaugurated.

 All of us have been there. That unexplainable moment when we decided to act upon our faith, to step up and reach another level of that faith we had. Each of us took our own designated paths. For some reason, we met in certain roads. And together, we walked, ran, climbed, helped, identified, fought and misunderstood each other. One after another experienced to stumble, to fall, and to quit even; but again, for some reason, we managed to make it. It was then that we realized we were building foundations for our friendships. We were making that special bond tied within you and I more stronger.  Along those times, you and I ached for him and her who gave up before we even finish. You and I were hurt when as time progressed, it also outnumbered us way, way, way to go. Yet and again, for some reason, we found ourselves deeply encouraged, blessed, and favored. We just knew. And so, against sound reasons, we trudged that path. There were bumps, but still we headed on. The road went rocky, sharp, broken, and dark; such inconvenience overwhelmed you and I, yet we found ourselves still persisting.

All of us have been there. That moment when it seemed like we were on fire. Definitely, discouragements, frustrations, disappointments and the like were around. But it seemed like totally nothing for you and I. For some reason, we knew we were conquerors! No one can stand against us, because the One who called us is for us! And in that moment of strength, bliss, trust and a mountain-like faith, you and I thought of never ever turning back. No quitting. We’re heading on. God is leading and is in control. No doubting. We were pressing hard. You remember, don’t you? We were so ready to offer our lives down for His sake. We were so eager to get going and just keep going. So off, we went. We visited this place and that, and we were blessed as we blessed. We often go here and there, out and around. We wanted to know and check if there’s more or what’s more about there, those that are far beyond the sea, far beyond the clear blue sky above us. We couldn’t hardly stand the wait to just, go. Hence, while waiting, some of us pondered hard on escathology, pneumatology, and other different theologies of great men and women of long, long time ago. We learned this and that, those and these.

All of us have been there. In that tear-laughter-filled day where we threw our hats up high, while others, low, and yet for more others, didn’t even throw their hats at all. For some reason, we can’t pinpoint “what” are we feeling and “why” is that. That day, and the days before, reality came knocking, insisting to enter our very innermost. Fear arose. Doubt was tugging along. But we shook them off! You and I smiled and held up our heads high. We busied ourselves with so many things only to escape that guest who’s persistently knocking. Some of us, opened that door, and agreed to its companions.  Others firmly refused. Others did open their door, and chatted with this guest. Both weighed the left and the right. Consequently those others, painstakingly yet amazingly, kept on going… Even after knowing.

All of us have been there. You and I witnessed, saw with our very own eyes, that path ahead weren’t that fantasy-type at all. You saw this leader fell. I saw another betrayed another. I realized things aren’t really, actually, easy. They’re hard! You and I longed a helping hand from those who have gone along the way, so near yet so far. You and I tried to recall ideals, ethics, – etiquette, parliamentary procedure, homeletics, theories of the first millenium, escathos, Greek and Hebrew vocabularies – in a hope of finding comfort and answers perhaps.  Those we look up to before are now the ones we refuse to look into.  In that new land, new path, you and I felt how gigantic the world is. You and I tried to make a U-turn when that great wall blocked our way. You and I cringed with that rejection from our first, second, third and to the ninth power trial. Yet, somehow, for some reason, we were still walking along that path! You saw me, and I saw you. We saw the others. All of us there were trying to just keep on going.  I honestly envied her path. I thought she’s having the easier way. Yet when I look at the other side, I ached for him as he thought mine is easier than his. I frantically looked into those who have way gone before us. Much to my wonder and amazement, I saw peace.. contentment.. satisfaction.. and joy. I smiled when I saw you looking at them too, along with the others. And again, for some reason, we geared ourselves for another day of staying in the arena – that arena of faith we once had begun to trudge.

All of us will be there. In that one grand moment where we will meet Him face to face.  Where there will be great rejoicing, and where you and I would give an account on the privilege He has bestowed upon us. Therefore, let us remember that one fateful day when He called you and I by name, to obey into which we acted upon our faith. From which love evolved into our being. Thus we were able to build friendships, stood in the gap, lend a helping hand, encouraged, and learned to demonstrate the essence of love: to give.  And best of all, we nurtured and developed our rising-falling-rising further-falling a bit relationship with Him who called us. You and I have different stories of how we started. Along our journey is even yet another story. Nevertheless, I hope and I pray that someday, though we’ve lost our touch with each other, we’ll say hello again to each other there. Up there. And I will cheer for you as He calls you by name and say, “Welcome! My good and faithful servant”

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