A Mere Fantasy

Time Tunnel (Photo credit: sallykwitt.blogspot)
Time Tunnel (Photo credit: sallykwitt.blogspot)

Time, according to Mr.Webster, “an appointed, fixed, or customary moment or hour for something to happen, begin, or end”. It is a continuous flow in which events took place in no spatial manner, whereas the details comes apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present, and eventually to the future.

Time Tunnel (Photo credit: sallykwitt.blogspot)
Time Tunnel (Photo credit: sallykwitt.blogspot)

My fantasy is quite simple to think, but too complex to achieve. What is it? It’s the dream to stop, manipulate and counter the flow of time. Isn’t  that great to control time in a way we want it, or see in a way we think it fits it? Or better yet manipulate time so we can go back to our past, escape from the present, or just simply check what will happen in the future?

Yes, I bet you guess it right.

Time Travel.

Why is our interest in time so extensive, or should I say intensive? A simple answer to a complicated question:

to travel in time would be to hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour.

– William Blake

Imagine. You can go wherever you like, whenever you like. You can be in both ends of the world in a split second, or maybe half. You can travel the 7 continents, be in 194 countries, enjoy 2,679,836 islands. You can control 365 days of your year, 8,765.81277 hours of your life and  31,556,926 seconds that you have. You can stop the things that you don’t want to happen, fast-forward the lonely and sad times that you have, rewind those good old sweet memories, and  play those beautiful moments in a speed that suits you best. Sounds silly right?

Its my fantasy.

It is this power that we mankind wish to possess, for if we combine far-reaching imagination which knows no bound with the ability to control time, the possibilities? Limitless. Never ending.

A mere fantasy.

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  1. nice, actually siguro halos lahat tayo naisip na yan and at times na wish na sana nga possible yan pero ang laking conflict dn ng magagawa nun.. isang example na eh kasama mo ung minamahal mo so gusto mo slow motion lahat pero merong naiinggit sa inyo or someone na ayaw ng relastion nyo, so ang gagawin nya naman eh fast forward.. laking gulo db? heheheh wala lang just sharing my thoughts dn.. 🙂

    pero nice imagination dn.. 🙂

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