A Little Princess’ Prayer


Thank you God because You are merciful to me everyday. Forgive me because I have been doing things my way for the past few days. Lord, teach me how to listen. Teach me to never listen to my feelings and to trust in You and Your words alone. Teach me how to be humble. Teach me that it’s Your way, not mine. Teach me to let go of the past. Please be patient to me Lord. Open my eyes so I can see Your great plan for me. Open my ears so I can hear about true life. Open my heart so I can be saved by You.

Bring back the pure, innocent, and carefree child in me. I don’t want to be famous. I don’t want to get rich. My dreams are impossible and vain. They make me feel tired, restless and lost. Just give me neither poverty nor riches. Erase all kinds of pride in me. Erase everything I have known from the start. I just want to use my talents and capabilities for Your glory.

After all, I just want to be Your little princess.

In Jesus Name, I pray.


PS: Sturdy Tree

I’m clueless of what life’s gonna be,

But still, I’m growing like a sturdy tree.

My leaves are so green,so healthy

My roots are rooted so deeply.

Branches wide enough for people to see,

How I bear fruits for God’s glory.

I praise Him cheerfully on bended knee,

Elated that He is always with me.

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