A Girl Who Always Forgets

When your memories fade, so do you.
When your memories fade, so do you. (The photo is owned by the writer.)

To forget is a helpful ability. People trust me with their secrets, because they know I would forget about it the very next day. I might know the “synopsis” of the story, but the people involved or any specifics have been long gone before I even wake up that day.

To forget makes it easier to move on. I have had a lot of relationships, fleeting ones with lots of shared moments. Funny thing is, when it ends…I can’t remember anything to hold on to, making it easier to heal. Looking back, I can’t even remember if those relationships were a waste of time, a choice to waste time, or something I even considered wanting.

To forget is to forgive. The sensation of being betrayed is still there, like a nagging feeling. Like a déjà vu. You can’t put your finger on the specifics; you just know that a person wronged you. You can’t think of it right off the bat, but when you’re ready to explode, everything comes rushing back, and just breaks your heart. Which is why you were contented not remembering. You’re just happy enough just to keep the friendship you built, because that’s what you really need.

To forget is a defense mechanism. You were just so use of letting everything pass by you so you won’t get hurt that forgetting came as easy as breathing. You try to fool yourself that everything is okay that your brain filters everything for you without you realizing it until emotions rile up and burst out, and you can’t even control it.
Choosing to forget the hardships and betrayals lead you to unconsciously think bitterly. That even the happiest of moments in your memory starts to fade, as you do, by the nagging feeling of negativity.

What do you plan to achieve by forgetting? Friendships that destroy you like poison from the inside? Are you sure you want to forget rather than learn from those memories?

Do you realize that by forgetting, you lose sight of who you really are and what you plan to be?

By forgetting, you become lost.



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