A Girl Named Rebecca (Part 16 – Based on a True Love Story!)

Couple walking in rain sheltering under coat. Paris, France.I will probably never see Noemi again. We’re done with the summer session, so we won’t be spending any more time together, which I was kind of happy about,

I know that Noemi’s memory will fade away. A new semester will begin soon with plenty of fresh or reinvigorated plans, goals, and expectations.

Most obviously, I cannot wait to see Rebecca again after a long summer break. I was feeling so happy. The feelings, I can’t describe it.

I hoped also that I will do better this semester better than the past. I want to start a new lifestyle, and think positive. I would not stop from trying.

My journey was still far away and I was still young. I know that I have to face all this challenges.

Rebecca and I didn’t know what will happen in the future, we didn’t know what will happen with us. At the moment, we’re in love, and that’s all that matters.

We’ve been dating for a while, and the thought of that she’s my girlfriend makes me happy.

Love conquers all, and if you’re striving for something more there’s always a way of making it work. Maybe our relationships were not perfect, but nothing will keep us from being together.

The day had arrived. I was going to see Rebecca again. That was very exciting. I thought it was better to be well prepared. I told her that I was going to pick her up in her boarding house. I knocked at the door, and Rebecca opens the door for me.

I remember Rebecca smiling and hugging me. That was so weird since we never hug like that before, but it was charming. It was the most charming thing that she ever did. This made me feel so special.

We couldn’t stop talking and we felt like we haven’t seen each other for years. Nothing else seemed to matter; we’re both happy and we had finally seen each other again. Since we didn’t have class yet, I decided to ask her for lunch.

We didn’t plan much in advance, so we didn’t spend much time deciding on where to go. I was very respectful when it came down to where we would go as Rebecca left everything up to me. We decided to choose one of our favorite places.

We’ve eaten here a few times. I remember we were seated very close to each other. We also had ordered our favorite dishes. Since we have enough time when we get there, I figured it’s the ideal time I started talking about Noemi.

I didn’t want her find out about it later from someone else will not just make her angry, but it will infuriate her, because she will end up feeling betrayed. I did all the talking so I can relate to her of everything that happened the entire summer.

While I was talking I felt that she’s uncomfortable with the situation. I told her that I didn’t want to hide something. I want to remain honest, open and sincere with her. So I continued talking to her.

I was being emotionally honest, but also I want to live in integrity as young man. I just want to share my emotional truth by simply being honest. I just wanted her to be grateful for and respect me, even if what I tell her makes her mad.

All that I’ve shared was absolutely truth, and as such, deserves respect. I spoke from my heart. I urged her to listen without judgment. I want her continue listening and hearing my story. I didn’t want sneaking behind her back and getting caught.

I just want let her know she’s the only one for me. It’s not my fault because this chick was the one who flirted with me. And I think I did the right thing to tell Rebecca of what has happened the whole summer session while she’s gone.

I knew it was innocent for me and I didn’t want her feel insecure of Noemi. She’s gone. And I will never see her again. It’s good I told her. Maybe it did matter that I did tell her but just the fact she’s not sure about this flirty aspect of me.

Patience can sit with negativity without becoming negative. Rebecca listened patiently and that patience calms her. And while she’s calm, I was hoping that she can change the way she see the situation.

I had hoped that Rebecca can see the truth. Instead of focusing on what I didn’t want, to have a negative reactions. We’re all prone to react negatively when we’re hurt and wronged.

I didn’t think I had any control over to her reaction to these seemingly little things. In other words, it happens every day. Even if you are the nicest person on the planet, things come up during the day that triggers negative reactions.

Sometimes you even react negatively to your negative reaction. And I can deal with it, but I can see positive solutions. I can’t predict or control of what will happen, but I want Rebecca to react more positively.

In fact, I think it might be the only thing to avoid not only negative reactions, but the negative spiral that often follows. Either way its mostly on her now. I know I was innocent. I had hoped that she will see it in a different, more positive light.

I reassured her that I really loved her and she’s the only one I wanted to be with. I was expecting that Rebecca will get upset at me, but to my surprise she just talked it out with me and reassured that I have nothing to worry about because she cares about me so much.

That’s all I really wanted to hear from Rebecca. So, I think I did the right thing by being honest with her, it shows that I was comfortable enough with her.

I also reassured her that I really loved her and I wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize our relationship.

Rebecca and I probably spent 3 hours there eating and talking. I was happy everything went so well and I began feeling much happier and relieved. Four weeks had now passed since the school started. My relationship with Rebecca was doing well.

I was happy not until one day something happens that should change something. My classmate told me during the class that there’s really a groovy chick waiting for me outside the classroom. And this chick had dressed in school uniform at exclusive school.

After the class as soon as I walked outside the room, I saw Noemi standing and waiting at the outside classroom door waving and smiling.

“To Be Continued”

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