A German Story and a Filipino Novelist


Sunset in Berlin is a great novel written by a Filipino novelist Enrique Anonat III.

It was a Pre-world War II classic German contemporary setting. A lengthy narration about the memoir of Kristen, the eldest sister of Hertz family.

Without any choice, she took the responsibility of her mother who leaves them in the middle of the great depression during the Weimar republic.

At the age of early teen and in the middle of scarcity and hard-life, she endured the burden and took care of her two younger sisters as if they were her children.

The rest of the story inside was the detail on how they dramatically fought and survived the greatest destitution ever struck the Fatherland.

Suddenly they were elevated from dearth to an intense prosperous life as an effect of the rapid progress of the National Socialist Party and as the Fatherland arose and became the greatest nation in Europe. The lifestyle escalates with extraordinary breakthrough, but underway, the morality declines and they were on the shore during the great wave of paradigm shift that overshadowed the whole German nation.

It is a striking drama in a simple life of Kristen and her two sisters as they were in their teenage days during the short reign of the National Socialist Party; it gave them luxury, education, importance, pride…… and death.

It‘s an extreme depth of imagination going back in an era where humanities experienced the fastest pace of evolution and learned the greatest lessons ever in history.

Indeed, imagination has no boundary as the Author stated:

“Knowledge is for every human being. My history is the history of the world. My culture is the culture of the world. I am an earthling, I live on earth. We cannot deny the fact that we are in different races and it happened that I belong to a Malay descend and located in the Philippines.

Imagination is infinite, best of all it doesn’t require passport, plane ticket or bank account.

I can go everywhere by staying in one place at the same time and no immigration policy can ever detain or deport my imagination.”

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