A Fangirl’s Letter

Dear Naddie,

This is just a typical fangirl’s letter to you. I admire you not just your outer beauty but as a human being and as a woman. You’re quite a strong woman (for your age). I can’t understand how this society is very cruel to a young woman who just works so hard for her family.

Stay true sweetie, stay as you are. I don’t expect you to be perfect. Your authenticity sets you apart from the rest.

As Taytay’s song says ” Don’t worry about those little minds, they throw rocks to the things that shines” Continue to shine,win each game. Your ups and downs in life is very human. In a world that their’s a lot of tendency that you will be drown and overwhelmed of fame yet you remain a Nadine we all know few years ago.

A lot of young and old girls look up to you coz they all can relate what you are going through. You embrace your flaws and use it as a weapon. I see that you slowly find yourself and I know it won’t be an easy journey(nothing is easy if you are a woman). Path will get rough but I am confident that you can get it through. Just always remember you have yourself, family, love and friends and more in your fan section cheering you on. This society might be harsh towards you(coz we usually seek for a “strong woman but the moment “that woman” starts to use her brains and speak, the society gets scared LOL) but don’t you worry they’ll see your worth eventually.

I didn’t really know what I’m writing. I guess I just want you to know that you are doing good, sweetie. I can’t wait to see all your projects and success (I’ll be doing my own stuff too).

At the end of the day this world gain two strong,gorgeous and independent women and I know we are not alone. And for sure we will leave a mark in this world and they will remember that being a “strong woman” isn’t bad after all.

Belated Happy Birthday.


Another Strong and Beautiful Woman(wink wink)

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