A disaster to remember

There is no “family, relative or blood relation” when it comes to money, they said.

I believe in it now, it is really hard to trust people these days when money is involved. I am just a mother who wants the best for my son’s first birthday and create happy memories while he grows up.

It’s so horrible that I wince everytime I remember that incident, me and my former beau (both of us in Taiwan working) planned it for a long time just to have a disastrous day. I am so trusting that this certain relative of mine in the Philippines deceived and betrayed me which added up to my guilt list.

Yes, I admit I have a share of mistake there. I know that this person had a bad reputation from the start, but I was so freakingly and annoyingly kind to her. Since she is pregnant with her 9th child (2 died) from her 3rd life partner who recently had a job as an events personnel (not sure about the position) and resources are limited, oh I haven’t mentioned who this relative is; anyway she is my COUSIN from my mother’s side.

Going back to the story, she tried to convince me that instead of celebrating my son’s birthday on a fast food chain which will be expensive and a lot of restrictions, why not rent a venue where we can execute our long time planned birthday party. She mentioned she had a bad experience with a certain establishment which cost her a lot. I was hesitant that I considered spending it on a fast food chain kiddie party. I was so wrong, I should have gone to a kiddie party in a fast food chain.

It did not end there, she sent me messages that she already made plans, she already talked to “some people” that will be assisting us for the party, I told her it’s not yet finalized, but she went from “you will be spending a lot of money in a fast food chain than renting a venue” to “I already made plans that if I cancelled people will laugh at me and they will think I’m crazy especially my husband (life partner) will mock me, for it will be so shameful etc.”

I told her I will think about it. This is the turning point, I thought to myself, she is right, we can rent the clubhouse from our place which is low cost for 3hrs then we can find budget friendly party needs suppliers also mostly the guests are adults. Okay now, I made a decision, we will hold the celebration in an open place where everything me and my former beau planned for will be executed.

So I talked to my former beau about it after days of convincing him, he finally agreed (yes! a budget friendly party on the way!) and so I thought. I informed my cousin about it, she told me she will make arrangements as soon as possible that she needed PHP10,000 for down payments of the venue, tables and chairs, balloons and she can buy things needed for the party like (extra souvenirs, invitation cards, tarpaulin etc.) Former beau immediately sent the money on Sept. 9, 2015 to my grand mother’s bank account. Money was received and given to my cousin on Sept. 11, 2015.~

She referred SCARLET CAKES PH telling that they can make a Minion Themed birthday cake with a low price, as I browse through Scarlet’s art/themed cakes and reviews I agreed that this entreperneur will make my son’s themed cake. Scarlet cakes PH have great reviews and great works, I told my cousin to make a deal with her since where will you find a 2 layered customized cake with 12 customized cupcakes for only PHP3,900. I found it affordable.~

There it goes, I’m finally doing something right, everything is going according to plan. We talked about the food to be served for the guest, how many will attend the party, food expenses, desserts to be served, entertainment, photobooths, tables and chairs, balloons, decoartions etc. She also informed that after making arrangements she will sent me the photo of the reciepts. I gave her ample time for that, I think around 2weeks or 3 weeks.

Now, the part where I became anxious, confused and mad. It is a week before my vacation to Philippines. I kept asking her for the receipts she kept on telling me “tomorrow” if not; “my life partner is taking care of it he is just busy” “maybe tonight when he returns from work.”

She kept telling me about the changes, she wants me to call off the party and just do it in Mcdonalds. I was furious what is the difference between the other fast food chain with Mcdonalds? When at the first place she told me not to celebrate in a fast food chain!

I was so furious, days left and I haven’t seen any progress, no receipts, no pictures sent to me, I have no idea what the party is going to be like! Nothing she kept on assuring me that there are no problems that I should relax, everything is going to be alright. My son’s party is going to be great! Okay, I reassure myself to relax, maybe she is having a problem or whatsoever it is. The day of our departure came, me and former beau are bound to Philippines, I am both excited and nervous. Excited because I will get to be with my son, nervous well for the obvious reason.

Sept. 30
Former beau: Is there anything we need to pay, like the catering service?.
Me: I asked the seller she told me as of now none.
Former beau: Okay
*me went upstairs to sleep, former beau went out (october 2 returned)
Later in the evening:
Cousin: We need to start shopping for the ingredients. We need 2 days for preparation. Can you atleast give me PHP5,000
Me: What? Former beau is not here, he didn’t leave any money or his mobile number, mommy haven’t sent my money, I only got PHP2,000
Cousin: Wtf! Where did that a**hole go?
Me: No idea, maybe he went to visit his friends, is PHP2000 alright? I will borrow another PHP2,000
Cousin: I will ask my life partner to get it from you. Then let us meet tomorrow so we could buy the ingredients needed for the food.
Me: Okay.

Oct. 01
Cousin: Did your former beau return?
Me: Not yet. Maybe later in the evening.
Cousin: I need to buy a lot of stuff for the food, can you give me money I need another PHP5,000
Me: I only have PHP2,000 in hand.
Cousin: Where did that a**hole go to?!
Me: I do not know and I do not care where he went, the thing is he did not leave me anything.

Oct. 02 I took my son to stroll around the mall and bought him clothes and met my cousin for another set of payment also for the photobooth. I handed her PHP7,000 to PHP8,000, then former beau returned with flu.

Oct. 03 It’s my son’s big day
I was freaking nervous

8:00 in the morning my cousin came and asked me to adjust the time of the party from 11:00am to 1:00pm so we waited until 9:00am, then came the balloon makers, they started decorating minion themed balloons around the area, it was beautiful!

I thought it wasn’t so bad, maybe I just over reacted. Then came some of the food. 11am my cousin told me she will assist the others to deliver the food and told me tables and chairs are on their way. Alright I waited, while waiting I took my bath, I dressed my baby a yellow t-shirt and a denim pants. 12:00 noon I called my cousin asking what time will the table and chairs set up will be? She said still on the way, (okay? It is taking too long when they know what time the party will be)

Another thing, my themed cake haven’t arrived!! Now I’m worried! I called my cousin again.

Me: what time will the cake arrive?

cousin: My life partner’s dad already went out to pick it up, it is in Valenzuela!

me: What the hell! It is in southern part of Manila! EDSA will be jammed!

cousin: No worries it is on the way.

me: it’s already 12:30pm the tales and chairs haven’t arrived, I am here in the venue and nothing here!

cousin: Yeah I forgot to tell you they are in Taguig they did not tell me, they just said they will set up first their booked events, without telling me where.

My other relatives started talking how badly planned the party was, that they should have left because it is already late and they should not have come, etc. Those words were making me anxious.

That, my dear parents, was the start of my breakdown!

1:00pm and still nothing, guests were arriving and there was nothing in the venue except for the balloons. We ended up renting on the spot and paid more than we planned. THE BEST PART OF IT was we ourselves, even the guests, set up the whole area, from the tables and chairs to the food and decorations. I couldn’t stop crying (not the best thing to do, but I did anyway). I felt betrayed, mad and most of all ashamed! Everything was a nightmare!

My friends and relatives calmed me down, we cannot do anything, it has already happened. Where is my cousin? She left telling me she is going to look for the store owner of the tables and chairs who she said was “in Taguig”, she will refund the money and return it to us. I did not hope for it because surely another sequence of reasoning will happen.

That was it, she was gone.

The refund thing? I do not want to talk about it.

Very disappointing, a disaster I will remember for life. Next time I will be the one to plan and execute my son’s birthday party. I cannot imagine just for a small amount of money, the relation between me and my cousin is broken; most of all my trust, I am not sure if I can forgive her for what happened, my heart was broken into many pieces, I also felt ashamed because it’s not me who spent money for my son’s birthday, my former beau did the spending and I know deep down to my core he is furious to be betrayed by someone we trusted, and of course, it was a not so happy 1st birthday to my son.

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