A complaint letter to DFA

Dear Department of Foreign Affairs,

I have been trying to set an appointment with you since mid of last year, and finally, I was able to set one with your Ali Mall satellite office scheduled January 20, 2018 at 1:00 PM.

When I applied for the appointment online, I did not receive an email confirmation so I thought it was not successful, and so I tried setting an appointment again. But when I did, it said “Appointment already exists. Please cancel your previous appointment to book a new appointment schedule.”

With this, I became certain my appointment was accepted. But since I still wanted to verify, I sent you a message through Facebook, and you replied “Thanks for dropping us a line! For passport and other consular concerns, kindly email us at [email protected],” and I did send you an email, but did not get any reply.

I decided to call your hotline and asked for assistance. Your representative confirmed that I indeed have scheduled an appointment, but she seemed unsure on how to deal with the case like mine so she gave me the contact number of DFA Ali Mall. I immediately called and talked to a woman whose name I forgot. She seemed unsure about my case too but said I should just go to the venue on the day of my appointment schedule at an earlier time to have my case positively figured out, and so I also did.

I went to DFA Ali Mall satellite office on the day of my supposedly appointment, arriving at around 12:15PM. I went directly to the attending guard and narrated my case. I was then told to just fall in line (in a very long line), so I looked for the end of the line and stood in queue. I was hungry but couldn’t leave in fear of losing my spot. It was around 2:30PM when it was finally my turn to enter the mighty gate. But to my dismay, I was denied access. I was told my appointment was not confirmed. That’s when I felt like an ice bucket was poured over me. My hands trembled, and so my voice.

I explained and insisted I should be accommodated, but your staff member insisted the opposite. I was just given a piece of paper with your hotline’s number on it (the one I called days ago), and told me to just call the number. And of course, I said I already called the number, and explained over again. I asked if maybe he can do something as it was certainly some system glitch, but he said there’s nothing wrong with your system. I asked if they could assist me right then and there, but said they couldn’t. I insisted I definitely talked with one of the personnel inside but got blamed for not being able to get the name of the person I talked with.

It was pretty exhausting asking assistance from someone who does not have a bit of willingness to help. I felt pathetic explaining and insisting over and over while your man is as firm as a rock insinuating there’s nothing they can do for me.

Feeling helpless, I asked where I could file a complaint, and I was told “In our main office in Pasay, that’s where the bosses are.” Hearing that was just heart-wrenching. I gave up, asked for his name, and left defeated.

When I was done convincing myself to get it over with, I visited your online site and decided to just set a new appointment schedule. But when I saw all your satellite offices, from A-Z (Yes, I checked from Angeles to Zamboanga), and there’s no available slot until June 2018, I couldn’t get any more dumbfounded. I realized I couldn’t easily get it over with. Seriously, how can I?

I am too disheartened with my first ever experience with you. I’m sure mine is just menial, others might have it worse. I am not really sure why I am writing this. I only hope that somehow this reaches you, and make things a little bit easier not only for most but for everyone, and on top of all, shower available slots for souls like me to feast on.


  1. Day one of my visit. Sinabihan ako na mali ang purpose ng police clearance ko ( after checking yun lang ang sinabi niyang kailangan ipa bago ) same day binalikan ko ang Taguig City Hall kasi initially what I requested was a police clearance for employment abroad naman talaga. Pagbalik ko ng after lunch I was told na hindi naman daw nila makita ang signature ng signatory ng Police Clearance, ( I was frustrated) kasi alam nila na babalik ako ng police station for the alteration ng purpose tapos hindi nila chineck lahat. I displayed dismay, I was the one who was not assisted completely yet they made me feel like as if ako pa ang may kasalanan sa kanila at wlang nakikinig ng complain ko. Lalo na ang usher ng pila when I insisted to be prioritized kasi twice na akong pumipila sa wala that day and he is talking to me na parang agrabyadong agrabyado siya when I said I dont want to wait and is expecting to be prioritized. These people should know how public service works. The next day Dec. 18 dumating ako sa DFA office ng 9am I was told na ipa process same day kasi ako na nag pa pirma sa Police Station ng specimen signature kasi kailangan ko na talaga,kaya I patiently waited,at dahil nga masiyado ang mga tao sa DFA kapag tinawag ka nila at di ka agad lumapit or pag may mali sa ginawa mo,di ako umaalis sa pwesto ko in short 2pm na hindi pa ako nag lalunch napilitan na akong lumapit only to be told na sira daw system nila, inaannouce nila yung nagkakamali sa pila through microphone pero yung problema sa system nila hindi nila nagawang iannounce kung di pa ako nag tanong kung bakit wala pa hindi ko malalaman na naghihintay ako sa wala.Your civil service eligibility is not an entitlement, once you join any government office,it means you are a public servant and you are expected to assist the public with their concern, your office have notes on what will happened if we aggressively complain,kaya ba wala kayong pakialam kung hindi niyo nagagawa ng maayos ang trabaho niyo? kasi nagkasundo sundo kayo na you got each other’s back? So sino naman ang mag sisigurado ng quality ng service that you are providing? The unresponsive QR code site that you post on your windows?

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