A Chance on Happiness…Again.

You went on and lived your life the best and happiest way you could without his presence. You went on, went on. You were finally happy.

Another Chance at Happiness  (Photo Credit:  Wattpad)
Another Chance at Happiness (Photo Credit: Wattpad)

You have actually thought to yourself that your life had turned all okay though he’s not around. You have compromised yourself with the happiness you thought you deserved. You disregarded the fact that despite the happiness you were feeling, a huge hole waiting to be filled still exists in your heart. But you went on. You went on. Then came a leap of spontaneity.

Get a hold of yourself, you. You who has always been filled with faith and hope; Faith, faith in the almighty that He’ll bring you to the place where you really belong. Hope, hope that the place He planned for you is the place by his side. That was your closeted thoughts. You still wanted him.

But because they tell you that he’s not the best for you and you were gullible enough to believe their only human nature and perspectives, you tried so hard to throw the thought away. It clings to you, however. A thought that you have entrusted for a long time won’t go away just because they told you so. No one can ever dictate what’s cemented in your heart. Then you think you’re stupid for actually thinking of that. You think that this is not even a thing to reconsider. Get a hold of yourself, you.

What the heck, he’s there again. What’s more annoying is that he’s the most powerful force that can pull you back to where you were, or even to where you started for that matter. He decides once again that he’s in love with you. He shows through sweet deeds that he actually is, you know, just for reassurance. But don’t be fooled because you’re better than that, he might have brought you back but you have always been the smart one. Remember that you are wiser. Remember that this might all be just another trick. Most importantly, remember that he might hurt you again and decides that he’s no longer in love with you.

However, you should also realize that this might actually be another chance to fill that hole in your heart. After all, what is his reason for continuously coming back to you? You have that special place in his heart that no other girls can ever compete with. That’s a fact, of course. So you just take chances and do this for yourself, not for other people. It’s your chance to finally not listen to what they have to say. It’s your chance to listen to your heart and to stop being a puppet of fools that don’t even know half of what you truly feel. But never expect and never assume. That used to hurt you and if you still do it now, whether unintentionally or not, you will still get hurt. So just sit back and relax. Watch things go the way God planned them to be. Go with the river.

This might actually be your chance on happiness. If not, learn from your mistakes. That’s what you always do anyway.

If things don’t go the way you want them to be, life still goes on, right? 🙂

author:  stephpelausa


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