911 only in the Philippines


I wrote this blog because I’m still amazed and impressed that there are amazing things happening in the Philippines. I can’t believe that emergency 911 has existed despite the Philippines remained a third world country. I am a bit fan of some US TV series and one of this is CSI (crime scene investigation). One of the things that amaze me in the TV series is when someone is asking for help, they just dial 911 for any kind of emergency. These includes medical emergency, police emergency, fire emergency, etc.  As far as I know the only countries that have this kind of emergency services are Canada, and the US.  For emergency you just dial the 3 digit numbers and you can ask for assistance. When I heard about 911 in the Philippines, I was proud and happy because the people could enjoy this kind of services.


I’m working here in Canada and I was able to call 911 one time for some emergency call when one of my friends got a health problem. I was totally shock because emergency service 911 was not for free. My friend was billed $300 just for calling an ambulance. This is the exact opposite of Davao 911 where calling is free of charge.


At this time, Davao is one of only a handful of Cities in the Philippines that have 911 Emergency Services. It’s the aggressive effort of the Government of Davao and its mayor Rodrigo Duterte to make difference in the rest of the world.  I can’t describe how impressed I am of Davao.  The Davao 911 Center is so modern, well-staffed, and the personnel are very efficient.  The training that 911 people received is very thorough and up to date.  I am not from Davao city, but I am Filipino and proud of this most sophisticated and modern technology in our country.  I hope that this system will be available in the rest of the country.  It really helps a lot of people in any emergency situation.