9 Mobile Apps Every Event Should Have

For most events management agencies, planning and execution of corporate events are very exacting responsibilities. Corporate events reflect the name of a company; thus, they require more careful and attentive preparations to satisfy the wants and needs of a company, as well as the event attendees.

In terms of preparing corporate events, events management teams face a lot of time constraints, physical limitations, and sometimes, miscommunication. Because of these challenges, they could use a little help to make things easier for them. This is where the convenience of technology comes to play.

Thanks to technology, particularly smartphones, all the sending out of invitations, sharing documents, promoting the event, and even hearing feedbacks from guests can be done in just one device – -anytime, anywhere.

Today, there are mobile apps that can help events management agencies on creating meaningful events for attendees.

Here are ten must-have mobile apps for planning and managing your corporate events in this comprehensive infographic by M2.Live, a brand activation agency in the Philippines


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