8 Bad Father’s Day Gifts I Gave to My Dad

Fathers (Photo credit: Wondercomments)
Fathers (Photo credit: Wondercomments)

Sometimes, fathers are force-fed with bad presents. Simply because, the odds are not in their favor. Hence, a bucketful of bad father’s day gifts is accumulated.

This is my story.

In my case, I belong to a family of women. I grew up with three sisters. My dad is simply outgunned. A family dominated by women? I wonder what my dad did in the past that got him stuck with a women-exclusive family.

Anyway, as girls, we just never seem to get it. We kept on handing out gifts on father’s day, dad’s birthday, Christmas– which dad never seem to use. Or gifts that he will never use! We’re great at giving our mom presents, but we just can’t comprehend what interests dad.

Here are the 8 worst presents we gave our dad.

1. A basket of cherry/strawberry scented moisturizing lotions

Seriously, what were we thinking? I know it sounds kinda stupid now, but we were kids back then, we didn’t know any better. We just wanted our dad to have better skin.

Come to think of it, our oldest sister, Edna, seemed to know exactly what she was doing. She KNEW dad would never use the lotions, thus, taking it from dad’s room the very next day! Sneaky! She knew ‘those’ kinds of presents would end up in her hands the very next day.

 2. Nose hair clipper

We actually gave dad a nose hair clipper! LOL! We noticed his nostrils hair were getting longer, to our naivety (and good intentions), we only thought about making dad look better!

Much to our dismay, we were sooo wrong. Sooo wrong. He never used it.

Moral of the story? Dad never cared about the way he looked. Sometimes he looks disgusting, but for whatever reason, men seldom care about the way they look.

 3. Hair Grower

Yes, mane and tail. We noticed a bald spot on top of his head, and so, we thought about filling it up. It didn’t work. He doesn’t care about his hair. Or his head. Or his body. Or his whole appearance. He. Just. Doesn’t. Care. Ugh! Frustrating!

We’re trying to make our dad look good, why doesn’t he just care!

 4. Exercising Equipment

We bought out parents a stationary bike. Mom used it. My sisters used it. I used it. But dad never used it. God. He’s so lazy!

Come to think of it, my uncles and male in-laws are all lazy and overweight. What is it with older men and their lounging guts?!

 5. Stuff with no real function

Picture frames. To him, stationary stuff (like picture frames), are boring. My mom and ‘us,’ girls, hold captured memories dear, that’s why we have loads of picture frames, and albums, and thousands of Facebook pictures combined.

Other stuffs like decorations, memorabilia, cute paperweights, don’t work too.

To dad, it’s all non-functional boring stuff. Dads want tools, projects, HDTV, alcohol– stuff with real (for them) functions.

 6. Work Equipment

Mom, ever the sneaky one, gave him a bunch of gardening tools (rakes, shovels, yard brooms) to “make” cleaning the backyard “easier.” Well, it didn’t work. Dad still hates cleaning the yard. Especially on father’s day? All he wants is to sit back, relax, drink some beer and eat some steak. Ugh.

 7. Healthy Foods

Men and healthy menus– they don’t go together. We tried cooking dad a bunch of “healthy” recipes, it didn’t work. He ended up visiting McDonald’s instead. 🙁

Or maybe we’re just bad cooks? Nah.

 8. Sports Gears

Older men are WAYYY over physical activities. We tried hooking him up with basketball and ping-pong equipment, he shrugged it off. Same as with running shoes and sportswear… he ended up wearing jerseys as ‘comfortable house clothes.’


Fast forward. So now, we learned. My sisters and I are all adults now. So every birthday, father’s day, Christmas… we always go for the surest thing. Beer and coffee.

Yup, it’s that simple. Dads love their alcohols and coffees. After much experiments, these are the only two things that dad ever loved getting. And it doesn’t get old too. You could give him beer every day and he’ll never get tired of it!

I hope you learned from our personal experience, and not waste time with ‘useless dad’s day gifts.’

What about you? What has worked for your dad so far? Write them up in the comments section, I really wanna hear what other stuffs, work. For the last 10 or so years, I’ve only given my dad beer and coffee. He loves it, he doesn’t get tired of it, but I am! I want variety! 🙂

What other things can I get my dad?

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[Reposted from 2012]

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