#63 Colors of Summer

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Anyone who’s been outdoors already know. Summer is here.

We were in the province of Albay, on an island called Cagraray, inside a quaint little resort overlooking the bay of Misibis.  As you can see, the weather couldn’t have been better. Just lounging on the beach and staring out at the horizon, I can’t help but realize how lucky we Pinoys are: we have over 7,000 islands worth of coastlines to choose from! And when you happen to find one surrounded by shallows that turn emerald green at noon, there is little reason to seek foreign shores. This summer, our local beaches are where you want to be. But Godspeed, life’s just too short. Enjoy.

(For the curious: shot handheld, polarizer set at maximum, horizon re-aligned, f/8 with 28mm lens. Basic workflow: gray-balanced, raw conversion, no crops, no selective enhancements, no global color/contrast adjustments.)

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