5 Years (Where Have You Been?)

Hands reaching out (Photo credit: lightomega)
Hands reaching out (Photo credit: lightomega)

It’s been five years since we first met. I still remember the sunny weather, the birds chirping, the sea breeze that touched my skin when I was walking down there in the place where agreed to meet.

It was like just any ordinary day… it was saturday. 11:05 AM.

I still remember how I felt so relaxed back then which was so unusual of me. I met some guys before, but got nervous easily. Maybe because I was not used to it.   But when it comes to meeting you, I felt so relaxed… so refreshing.

Until now, I can still remember how you looked back then. The shirt and the pants that you wore that day.

Then our eyes met, and my heart never felt the same before. Then I heard my heart saying, “have we met before?

Yes.  I felt we already knew each other long time ago that we don’t need to talk much about ourselves. Seeing you and just standing there , it felt so complete. I felt that I’ve found the missing piece of myself.

Then days went by… months, one year, two years and then five years..

We ‘ve conquered trials, shared happiness.   Laughed at each other’s faces.    Swam together.   Felt the raindrops together. It was fairytale-like dream of love that we both felt and completely shared.

Then five years came..

Yet, we forgot how it felt, how magical our lives can be when we were together.

Reality sucks.   It started to tear us apart. I started to lose you.

You’ve learned to say white lies. To enjoy others’ company instead of mine, and to blame everything to me.

You want to be understood, but you don’t want to understand my feelings too. You say you’ve suffered enough because of me.

Five years..

Hope we can still rekindle the old flame we have back then.

I want to listen and understand the whole you, but you won’t let me to.

I hope I can still have the old you. The old prince I’ve met that made my heart melt completely.

Five years and counting…