5 Things to Remember Why Teaching is a Noble Profession

Have your life ever been touched, changed or inspired by a teacher?

Recently, we celebrated and honored the millions of teachers around the world on their special day. What really brings joy and excitement when students greet them “HAPPY TEACHERS DAY”? What made us love them as much as we love our own parents, and sometimes, even more than our own parents?

There is always a big “aha” moment in a student life where a particular teacher made us think, “This is what I want to be someday.”

We know that there are many good and high-paying jobs out there but what is it in being a teacher that made us think otherwise despite the challenges, hardships, sacrifices  involved in this profession?

Yes, we can wish to be a doctor, scientist, engineers company CEO, bank manager or other stable professions. But what do all these people have in common? They have learned under the tutelage of one profession – a  teacher, professor, educator, tutor, school headmaster or instructor – whatever you may call it.

All of us have been touched in one way or another by these special people in our midst. As for me, I am surrounded by teachers in the family. My sister is a Psychology professor in college. My husband was a technical instructor before he went abroad.  My brother-in-law was a former high school teacher in La Salle Zobel. One cousin is a teacher in Cavite.  My aunt was a former Science teacher in Makati high school. One of my grandfathers was a former DECS superintendent.  We have friends who are teachers. We have neighbors who are teachers. They are basically here, there and everywhere. A teaching job is one of the most lucrative and in demand works abroad. So what is really so special about this job that draws people like a moth to a fire?

Being a teacher is more than just a job.

It’s more than just having a decent salary.

It’s more than just the perks and benefits of having a stable profession.

It’s more than just the social status of being respected and honored.


A calling is a combination of vision, passion and purpose. They have a great vision for the future generation. They have a passion to teach with intensity because they love the job. They have a purpose because learning is the first pillar of a man’s success whether it be home-schooling, online or in a proper school setting.

They are the hardworking men and women who toil day and night to make those lesson plans for us to learn the next day. It’s the product of their blood, sweat and tears. We praise them for the hard work and dedication they have for their vocation like there’s no tomorrow.


They love to teach. They love their students to bits. They breathe and live the teacher’s way of life. Teaching doesn’t end once they step out of the classroom. They love to shape the minds of the young people. They want to make an impact on their students’ life because they are the hope of the future generation. The teachers feel a kind of “high” that we don’t feel and experience. For them teaching is not just a way of getting a salary at the end of the month. For them it is a kind of mission they adhere faithfully to make a big impact on the life of every students.


For the love of teaching, giving back to people is the only way to prosperity and happiness. Teachers learned from their teachers whose passion for teaching they have also learned from the teachers before them. It’s a kind of legacy that is being passed down from one generation to the next generation. It is not uncommon that you and your father might also have the same teacher in grade 1.It is a cycle that keeps on going back to where it all started. As long as there are people like them, the world of education will continue to move forward to a brighter future for the members of the younger generation.


In serving the community they are also serving the humanity. A big celebrity, a well-known politician, a leader of an organization and even a poor student who became a CEO of a company and inspired many people -in the moment of their fame and glory – the people they remember next to family and friends are the teachers who made a big impact on the way they were brought up to be successful citizens of the community they were in. We even hear news of our countrymen making waves even abroad. For them, it’s not only teaching a child about the lessons of ABC alphabet but also about the ABCs of life itself. Their ripple effect is global in the full sense of the word.


They are here to give us not only our lessons for the day but also our life’s lessons. They are some kind of a guru or shaman whom we all seek for an advice or two. Their experiences are also our experiences. What they have learned in life, we also learned it ourselves. Their pains are also our pains. They become our second mothers as soon as we left home. They provide us with the same love and care. They nurture our growth and development. They hope for our success. They support us in our failures. They are angels who came down here on earth disguised as teachers in uniform.

Having said that, behind the smiles, the great stories, advises, lessons and inspirations they share with us – most of the times, like all other human beings – teachers suffer a lot inside. They suffer from pain. Not just physical, mental and emotional pain, sometimes, even their spirits suffer tremendously from the lack of support.  They feel lost in the midst of chaos. They feel abandoned and ignored for the things that need to be recognized. Their mind, body and spirit feel like they are beaten down so hard by the obstacles and challenges of the job.

But they keep moving on with head up high.

With all the problems and challenges of being a teacher, they not only deserve a higher salary and better benefits to compensate for their hard work and dedication to their duty but also proper acknowledgement of their contribution to society.  The country is suffering from brain drain. Our teachers – especially the ones in public schools – are leaving because of the lowering level of satisfaction in the whole educational system. The needed changes will uplift their morale and will give inspiration to the members of the younger generation who want to embark on the same journey with much hope and success. Because a happy teacher makes a happier student and vice versa.

So, after all the greetings, hugs, gifts  and Facebook posts we have given to honor them on their special day, let us remember that they are not only special  for a day or a month. Their importance should be recognized everyday, because for as long as we live, teaching and learning never really ends.

Hail to all the Ma’ams and Sirs of the teaching profession!



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  1. This is beautifully written. As an aspirant public teacher who see the value of education as tool in molding nation, I feel the love through the context of the piece.

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