5 Things Filipino Millennials Can Learn From Trump Winning the White House

Donald Trump & Melania enter the Oscar De LA Renta Fashion Show, New York (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whoever is in control of the White House, controls the world; basically, that’s the reasoning why US president-elect Donald Trump is ringing so many bells today. Even with his racist and misogynist remarks, he grabbed everyone by the MEOW and won office. Love him or hate him, one cannot deny how well he managed to cruise his way to the presidency.

Trump got everyone shook, even for people who are 13,203 kilometers (8,207 miles for our American brothers and sisters). With him taking over the US presidency, PRRDs call to sever ties to the US served perfect timing. Kumbaga, umabsent ka dahil tinatamad kang pumasok, tapos hindi rin pala sumipot si prof.

Even with Duterte’s initiative, the Filipino people today remains divided and affected about whatever is happening overseas, because that’s how we are… as always. Trump’s presidency pulled the plug on America’s freedom, but for us, it’s something we can learn from. Parang book report lang yan, sa dulo merong “refleksyon”, so ano ba ang matututunan natin galing dito?

Go for that dream job even if you’re not qualified

Donald Trump has been aspiring to be president since 1988. He was even considered as a running mate for George H.W. Bush during the ‘88 elections but lost to Dan Quayle. He also vied to become the Governor of New York in 2006, but Trump just wasn’t cut out for public office. Wait? He won president right? there has to be something. Aside from his reality TV shows, and a crap ton of money, he’s got no backgrounds for running office.

So the next time you see an add with a “required bachelor’s degree with 40 years experience” for an entry level job, go for it! Kahit saleslady nga required ang degree, ano pa kaya kung sa corporate or office ka mag-aaply? But, regardless of all the odds, one thing that Filipinos can learn from Trump is to never be afraid to apply for a job even if you don’t have that NCIIs and IIIs from TESDA.

You can be an jerk and get away with it

With the recent elections reaching to a conclusion, no name is shrouded with controversy better than Donald Trump. Everyone knows about his plans to build a wall on the Mexico-US border, and calling our Latinos rapists and drug addicts, his anti-Muslim campaigns were also cited in his rallies, as well as anti-feminist “locker room talk”. If it wasn’t for his big bank account, nobody would pay attention to what he says, but he does, and now he’s president. Worse is, people believe him and his campaigns to “make America great again”, making him as an excuse to oppress minorities and grab women by the *****. He’s like that peymus facebook friend that has a gazillion likes on their posts yet, you know deep down, they don’t amount to anything.

Political opinion? Post it on Facebook! 

Donald Trump seems to have a love-hate relationship with his favorite social media platform – twitter. But bad publicity is good publicity; no matter how ridiculous and outrageous his tweets are, Trump has an opinion on everything political and never fails to post it on twitter. Now with the ongoing Philippine political crisis, Filipino millenials can’t help but become keyboard warriors on Mocha Uson’s fan page, Rappler, or on Inquirer. Everyone on facebook seems to have their own take on what’s happening with the Philippine government, De Lima’s press conferences, Matobato, and all the senate hearings. In fact, it’s a good thing! People do care about what’s happening with the government so ipaglaban mo yan bes, political analyst ka na man diba?


Hang on to your sugar daddies

As a working Filipino millenial abroad, there will be times that you wish you could just marry rich and live like a princess. This is probably what Melania Trump thought of when she first came to the United States to model in 1996. She’s beautiful, exotic, and exuding of Slovenian grace and beauty – just what recently-single Donald Trump was looking for. She probably would have never thought to become first lady, all she wanted was a lavish lifestyle and an American visa. But you can never have everything, even after becoming the wife of one of the richest individuals in the United States. Melania is now to become first lady and she is doing a great job at it by keeping her mouth shut about politics… good call. So sa mga may sugar daddy jan, kapit lang baka maging presidente rin sya!


Despite all odds, go lang!

Even with every sane American against him, Donald Trump won fair and square against Hillary. This resilience is something that Filipinos can learn from. One prime example of it is De Lima’s losing battle against the current administration. It is apparent she is losing, but the presscon queen still presses on with her so-called “battle” against oppression. Nobody knows who oppressed her or why she’s feeling oppressed but still she moves forward with her case. So, if you are feeling down, remember that Donald and De Lima wake up everyday to accusations, and overall chaos. Go lang bes, kaya mo yan.

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