5 Reasons why you should not get married if you will just move in with your parents

Photo credit to persephonemagazine.com
Photo credit to persephonemagazine.com
Photo credit to persephonemagazine.com

1. Marriage is a big step in life. Anyone who wants to take this giant leap should consider his financial ability to start living independently from his parents. The very first thing a couple should think of is to have a place to live after their wedding.

Do not even consider marriage if you cannot afford to rent your own place.

Do not miss that first few magical years as a newlywed couple by being alone in the house – and doing what you want to do, without anyone seeing you. Having experience being playful in the kitchen, or anywhere in the house for that matter with your new bride or groom – is a good addition, to the many memories you are creating as a couple.

2. There are also siblings to consider who are still single, and are still living with the parents. Consider your privacy and the privacy of other people in that house. It is unfair for the other siblings who need to adjust to your new status especially if they have to give up so much space to accommodate you.

The first three years will be big adjustments for both of you, so if there is a misunderstanding between you and your spouse, everyone in the house will always overhear and notice. Every bickering, every tantrums, every drama and even the unusual silence — will be witnessed by everyone in the house. You will bring everyone to your marital problem. So be ready to be probed by your parents.

It may be fun — to have many people around the house, but if the budget is stiff, and not everyone is contributing, it will be an extremely difficult situation.

3. If your parent’s house is big, you are an only child or one of the two, or you have a single parent — the parent might strongly suggest that you can live with him/her. You can consider this option.

But do not erase the possibility of getting your own place in the future — because purchasing your own house is one of the most satisfying experiences a couple can have as part of their being independent.

4. Living with your, parents temporarily for reasons such as you need to watch an ailing parent is a wonderful idea. It is the children’s duty to also, look after their parents when they need some attention when they grow older. However, if your parents are both in good shape and have their own earnings, it would feel like you are taking advantage of it, and would make you look like a freeloader.

5. Living with your parents for an extended time, to the point that your parents are still parenting you and your spouse — will not make you take charge of important things in life ; like budgeting and decisions making.

It would stunt your growth as a couple, and there is a big likelihood that you will always ask the opinion of your parents when it comes to making decisions. You will not be confident and you will always think that your parents also need to know, instead of just getting the opinion of your spouse.

Couple, who lives independently, only has each other’s resources to consider. Therefore, they are better adjusted, are realistic in their spending, and are more motivated to improve their life.

They tend to strive more because they know; they have no one to depend on.

Money is always the biggest factor to consider when a couple wants to start a family. However, realistically, many do not wait until they are ready. Therefore, they end up living with their parents after their wedding.

If one of your dreams in life is to have a family in the future, start saving on the first time you found a job.

Save, save, save… so you can have your own home, before you say — “I do”.


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