5 Reasons Why Jessica Sanchez Will Win American Idol Season 11

Jessica Sanchez

Jessica SanchezIt has been a great season so far and Idol favorite Jessica Sanchez is in the top three, getting very close to the coveted title.  I have a feeling this is going to be a showdown between Joshua Ledet and Jessica.  But I think Jessica will be the one remaining standing once the dust settles, and here are my five reasons why:

1. Vocally, Jessica is superior in quality than Joshua.  Joshua’s voice reminds me of a screaming match gone wild.  Jessica’s voice, even only at 16 yrs old, is more refined, seasoned, and the sheer tonal quality is better.

2. A female winner is long overdue.  There has not been a female American Idol since  Jordin Sparks on Season 6.  It has been male singers since then, and I believe that America is ready for a female winner, and will vote for a female winner.

3. Jessica has more social appeal and charisma.  Sure this is a singing competition, but there is no denying you need to have public appeal to win this thing.  Here are their social networking numbers:  Twitter, Jessica has  309K+ followers, Joshua with 94K+, and Phillip Phillips with 273K+.  On Facebook, Jessica commands the lead with 188K+ likes, then Joshua with 50K+ and Phillip with 71K+.  Need I even mention her presence on Youtube?

4. She gets better every week.  Just as you thought she couldn’t top her previous performances, she delivers again and again.

5. America is not deaf.

Vote, vote, vote!  Good luck, Jessica!


  1. There are probably more than the five rasons that were enumerated why Jessica should be the next American Idol. However, unless we set our automatic dials to the numbers assigned to her and relentlessly pound the keys till our fingers are numb and stiff after every performances, we maybe in for a bitter and disappointing surprise.It happened already, so let it not happen again. Let Jessica go ALL THE WAY!!!

  2. Yes she deserves to win! But let’s remember that this is a numbers game so everyone should not forget to cast their vote!! LET’S GO PINOYS!!

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