5 Life Lessons I Learned from Mayweather’s Victory

This is not all about bashing Mayweather.

This is not all about bitterness for the People’s Champ loss.

Don’t get me wrong, yes I am a Filipino and a believer of Manny Pacquiao, but instead of wasting my time posting rude comments and showing the world how most Filipinos handle losses and dismay (dinaya, niluto, unfair etc.)
In the midst of #MayPac social media noise, with open mind, I decided to write this.

1. Believe in yourself even the whole world is against you.

No one knows you better than yourself. In order to be successful, don’t let other people bring you down with their judgements. Let your own goals speak louder than everybody’s expectations. You have your own life and sense of direction. Mayweather did not let himself be distracted with the boos from the crowd from studying the moves of Pacman.

2. Focus on winning, not on pleasing everybody.

I’m not saying Pacquiao is only pleasing people. Obviously he don’t need even a hairline thin of effort to do that. It’s just that I saw how strong Mayweather’s determination to win. He didn’t focus on giving the audience the thrill in his fight, instead, he focus on how to earn more score. Winning the boxing is not all about knock outs. Like all sports, it’s a number’s game.

3. Have a plan B.

Like what I said, boxing is not all about knock outs. Money maybe knew that he cannot make Manny lie flat on the ring. Instead, the plan B was to outsmart Pacman with defenses and focus on throwing punches that would make him gain higher scores.
Pacman was not knocked out. Boring game. But still mission accomplished for Mayweather.

4. Think outside the box.

Most people make fun of Mayweather because of hugging and running in the ring. After listening to boxing analysts’ comments and reviews about the fight, I learned that those moves are not foul at all. Floyd will not win at all if those are illegal tactics. After all, it is “play by the rules”. No one said “Stick only with rule #1”.

When it comes to reality, courage to win life’s battles is not enough, you also need to look at it in different perspective to strategize your way to victory.

5. Acknowledge the ones who gave you hard times, you learned from them and made you stronger.

As a Filipino, I appreciate Mayweather’s praise for Pacman after the fight. In real life, people always thank those who helped them out. Of course it is a must. But it is also good to acknowledge those bad guys who tested your limits and made you stronger and better than ever.

Actually we can learn from the two mighty boxers:

Be the best Mayweather you can be in applying the 5 life lessons but don’t forget to be the best Pacquiao you can be in making things possible even you have nothing to start with. Manny has been down in the dumps in his younger years, now aside from being the people’s champ, he is also a congressman.


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