44 Concerns of the Government and the People

5375228306_1bdfe49409_q_philippine-policeIs the party too intense and high? Is the music too deafening that the 44 uniforms government had lost are quite insignificant, in the sense that they can just be replaced?

In the dawn, they start washing their faces, dressing up fitly and preparing for a routinely training. They stand up firm facing their commandants up to the hardest possible thing they do, crawling down on mud are among our protectors’ daily tasks, that in the mere concern are just considered as heroes if they have done something heroically. Do we need to enumerate the heroic deeds just to say someone is a hero? The people serve in Military, Police or in general, live to maintain peace and order and prevent their domain from insurgents are our everyday heroes. Weights and efforts they put on guns are for their aim of assuring our security while playing clash of clans, DOTA or using Social Medias. Their Facebook or other social media accounts that have been last updated since the start of their duty served as their overall frolic. 3 hours would not be enough for direct contact on gadgets, especially on Social Medias; we tend to find our day incomplete without opening one of those, compared to their guns, ammos and vests that play as essentials in the line of their duty. Thank god they chose to protect us and secure our safety rather than adding up on societal problems, even no precious time for family or outdated on Social Medias, if securing the national sovereignty and protection of the people are concerned, here are their bests.

Would we choose to die for the country? Maybe. Would we join them standing against those who threaten the people? No. Or we will just sleep, make some money without risking life and turning on the gadgets that will keep on updating us and will bring us more news about another COPS slain? Or scrolling more photos seeing COPS lying down the ground with missing body parts and hitting “like”? There too many choices, but if I had no place appreciating their works, still shame on me. They are doing it for several years, it became their profession saving lives but their ending is just a single bullet and the tears go on.

Well, basically, in general basis, if we live in a peaceful town, in a peaceful country or anywhere, where peace resides, we all have these gentlemen to thank. If we are given time to imagine, the question is who they are? They are not on the same blood as what we have, we pay taxes but we aren’t directly giving them their salaries, but if we are in danger, we might just be calling them, dialing 911 and eventually telling “thank you very much” without corresponding payment for what they did. We definitely do not need to further explain their works.

Like our parents, they have also their children, spouses and relatives, they aspire the best for them all and the worst thing is they are also telling in mind that whatever will happen, may God seek the brightest light for them, and even how difficult to admit anytime their enemies will make them rest still, no doubts that they must be our everyday heroes.

Our nation doesn’t need another Jose Rizal or a man that will stage a propaganda against the actions of China reclaiming the Spratly’s Island, but the efforts made, every drop of sweat and blood of our protectors are just enough in telling they are Jose Rizal in our generation.

If we dream of becoming a multi-millionaire someday, our heroes are the first who dreamed of protecting us while we are in the midst of dreaming. Even how many medals or promotions they will acquire still they hold the guns in their hands and putting their lives in risk to tell us “just keep on dreaming, don’t think of us.

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