4 Reasons Why Waiting for the Right One is Not a Boring Quest

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Waiting is not a boring quest for good people who deserve what is best. This is what I always bear in mind whenever I am about to give up.

At 24, it is not easy to wait for someone especially if you are single for a long time. From the time of your first heartbreak, you are longing for another one thinking that the someone who will come next could fill the void from your previous relationship.

They say that you should love yourself first before allowing your heart to love again. But the truth is, in this age of self-entitlement you love yourself too deeply. It might be the reason why some relationships have failed to survive because you are too selfish to give that piece of self to your better half.

Hence, in this world where everything seems to have become instant, we tend to overlook the importance of waiting. That waiting needs time, and on the right time everything will happen.

However, you don’t want to wait because maybe your friends already have theirs. You don’t like to wait because you’re too envious about the idea of having a romantic relationship with someone. In this case, you might think that waiting sometimes means suffering and having that feeling of unworthiness.

So you rush because you want to get everything in a dash; skipping the notion that waiting for your right one can be a wonderful thing.  You just need to be patient and persistent to survive the nights and days of loneliness so when the right one comes along you may say “I’m glad, I waited.”

If you are losing hope just be reminded of the value that waiting may teach you, and for me these are as follows:

  1. Waiting means meeting someone better. You are able to meet more people when you choose to wait. When you meet people you are able to see what you truly want. We begin to realize that we all have options to choose and we should not limit ourselves to one person who doesn’t see our worth.
  2. Waiting means adventure that adds colors in your life. It allows you to get lost in the moment. When you get lost you tend to try some options. And when you try, it might bring you to a journey that you’ve never thought you would experience. You will experience everything when you wait. You may feel sad especially when you see that your friends have already found the one they are looking for. You may feel joyful because you can still manage to enjoy your own company sans with someone who will prohibit you from doing the things that you want. Waiting brings adventure because it can take you to many routes. When you experience many things in life, it adds colors and memories that are worthwhile.
  3. Waiting means more time with yourself. Just like waiting for a bus for your ride home, the cab may take too long to arrive. While waiting for it, you have plenty of time to reflect. When you wait you can discover what you really want to have in a relationship. You are able to enjoy more time to think over. It provides you more free time with yourself.
  4. Waiting allows you to discover more. When you wait, you are allowed to explore, to test the water if it is too deep or shallow. Waiting brings you excitement of what comes next. So as excited as you are, you tend to go beyond to discover more. During your process of discovering, you realize why it took you so long to get outside your comfort zone. That is the moment you will discover more.

So many other reasons why you should wait. With the right time, and prayer, someone will come. You just have to wait because you really deserve someone better.

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