3 Ways The Local Media Contributes To The Deterioration Of The Philippines

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Taken from getrealphilippines.com
Taken from getrealphilippines.com

Truth be told, the Philippine media takes center stage in the life of many Filipinos. None can deny that just about every Filipino gets most of their information from local TV channels and their associates like newspapers and websites. However, the problems begin to appear once you realize that Philippine media isn’t exactly a good distributor of information for the masses. Indeed, I have come to believe that it is all too often thanks to our local media that many of our countrymen remain in the dark when it comes to serious issues and that they fail to understand the real problems that plague us as a nation.

Of course, I do not wish to infringe on anyone’s right to choose the media they wish to consume but one has to wonder if indeed the media in the Philippines is really good for the country. I can compare this to the idea that in a democratic country, everyone is free to eat whatever they want to eat be it vegetables, meat, fungi or junk food. However, note that only eating junk food is considered an unhealthy practice and, unless one changes their diet, can lead to a lot of serious health problems.

With the way the local media is today, one must wonder if they’re still actually good for the people of the Philippines. What’s worse is that majority of Filipinos, especially those that cannot afford foreign TV channels and alternative media outlets have to put up with our own media who, I might add, isn’t exactly a reliable source of information. It is all too often through the flawed presentations of our local media that more and more of our people are misled and kept dumb over the years. Thanks to the way our media handles, or rather mishandles information, that our people will continue to remain ignorant of various significant events.

They Distract Us From The REAL Issues

There are actually a lot of issues plaguing the Philippines today. Everything from the hellish traffic of Manila, the rampant poverty and lack of jobs for our countrymen, the abuse of our OFWs at the hands of cruel employers in other countries, the brutal territorial disputes of the South to the antagonism presented by the People’s Republic of China, most or all of these are usually overshadowed by useless showbiz news. It seems that more people care about the state of young celebrity couples like Aldub or Kathniel than they do about the more pressing problems that trouble the Philippines today.

Of course, there’s nothing really wrong with keeping up with the celebrities that one likes. Indeed, I myself am a fan of quite a few as well. However, the problem occurs when celebrity news is the only thing shown by the media and little else which most Filipinos are more than happy to lap up no matter how pointless or insignificant it may seem. Making things worse is the fact that more Filipinos are attracted to often trivial issues than they are to problems that really need to be addressed in our country today such as our mismanaged resources and rapidly increasing population.

Please ladies and gentlemen, let us keep our attention on what is important and minimize our participation with what is not. We can worry about the sex life of Kris Aquino once we’ve figured out how to stop the senseless killing of the Lumads. We can think about Katherine Bernardo and Daniel Padilla’s next movie when we’ve managed to minimize the crime rate of our major cities that is spiraling out of control in some places.

They Are A Source Of Wrong Information

As a nursing graduate, I can easily enumerate the number of errors that occur in hospital settings in many of our TV shows or teleseryes. The idea of switching up infants in hospital settings, especially the prestigious looking ones shown on TV, is highly unlikely and CPR (I’m looking at you Pedro Penduko) is not conducted that way. Of course, you can say that said shows are just fiction and the various inconsistencies shown in them are just played for drama. However, as I’ve come to discover, many (though not all) illiterate and or uneducated Filipinos (which constitute most of our population today) cannot tell the difference between fact and fiction.

I have to wonder if many of the writers of our TV shows are even literate themselves. Do they even know how to do right and proper research for the shows they intend to air? It seems, unfortunately, that they do not and only want to show the “theme park” or basic version of things that we all know instead of making them accurate and realistic. In the end we get ideas like “love solves everything” and “being the underdog is always good” which both experience and history have proven multiple times to be not really the case.

They Can Be A Source Of Immorality

Another big problem with the local media is just how immoral it seems to have become. With the way infidelity films seems to have taken center stage in the Philippines, one has to wonder if we’re actually setting a good example to our youths. While there are those that say said shows are meant to show the “darker side” of affairs, one must note how they always choose attractive actors and actresses to portray adulterers and adultresses on TVs and movies, making it look cool instead of wrong. Another thing I’d like to point out is the way our comedy seems to be more about bullying rather than just having fun. Indeed, our comedy is more about laughing at people which is both mean and inappropriate for young audiences than laughing with them.

They say the MTRCB is supposed to protect audiences, especially those below the age of 18 from the immoralities of the media, but one has to wonder if they’re even taking their job seriously at all. Over the years, as I’ve come to observe, the MTRCB has become biased, banning shows they don’t understand rather than banning those that are genuinely offensive.

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