Lost and Found Love [Part 1]

February 25, 2017 kambal 0

1 Friend request …. “Sino na naman kaya ito?”  bulong ni Kylie sa kanyang sarili. Alexander Rednaxela sent you a friend request. Kylie confirmed his […]

Huling Hinga ng EDSA

February 25, 2017 IsangMamamayan 0

EDSA – ang pulitikang umusbong mula sa kalsadang ito’y tulad ng trapik na patuloy nating dinaranas araw-araw; trapik na mula sa sandamukal na sasakyang pribadong […]

Trillanes and Lascanas

February 25, 2017 danmeljim 0

In Lascanas’ much ballyhooed saintly turn around and mea culpa, Trillanes’ hand is more than apparent, it is the one pulling the strings. In the […]

On the EDSA Spirit

February 25, 2017 danmeljim 0

An open letter to the Filipino people on the EDSA spirit: No, I am not Socrates Villegas who is writing to the dead Cardinal Sin. […]

It’s your SmiLe

February 20, 2017 ImYours9 0

YOU………….. It’s your smile that brightens up my day, my angel that gives me strength. You give me positive vision about what life has to […]