Mother of Dragons

August 31, 2015 ARKinet 0

Hindi po si Khaleesi or Daenaery’s Targarean ng Game of Thrones ang tinutukoy kong “Mother of Dragons”. Kundi ang Mommy ko. Sa totoo lang, kinakabahan […]

If Looks Could Kill – 5

August 30, 2015 ciarshadow 0

“HALA, ala una na,” aligagang nag-ayos ng sarili si Sherine matapos silipin ang tumunog na cellphone. Mabilis itong tumayo at dumiretso sa kusina para harapin […]

If Looks Could Kill – 2

August 29, 2015 ciarshadow 0

“MONTOYA? Joon Montoya?” nakangiti nang tanong din ni Sherine nang makilala niya ang kanyang bisita matapos ipasok ang maleta nito na nasa ulanan. “Small world, […]

Young and Teaching

August 29, 2015 Abby Alviz 0

Six years ago, I wanted to enter the teaching profession with the firmest hope that I can inject all my ideals in the real world. I thought teaching is all about standing in front of the students and following the lesson plans I prepared for the day. Amidst all the stressors it brought, I realized that there will always come a turning point in a teacher’s life, especially when one is young and idealistic. Nothing can prepare a young teacher to the actual teaching transition. College preparation and the board examination are partial leeway to a future teacher. […]