Nasaan Yung Flag?

May 30, 2015 asoledad 6

“Nasan yung flag?” Those three words changed my whole definition of Pinoy/Pinay pride forever. Earlier tonight, a Filipina warrior battled her way for gold in […]

Finding needle in Haystack

May 29, 2015 woody pride 0

 ABOUTS Election – The act of a party casting votes to elect an individual for some type of position. Elections may involve a public or private vote depending on the position. Most positions in the local, […]

Loving, being loved

May 29, 2015 crystalpink 0

Loving someone is a choice, a commitment. Effort should be imparted, with no standard rules. His effort to be funny will only be justified with her effort […]

Symbiotic Miracle

May 29, 2015 red guitar 0

A few minutes past five one early morning more than two weeks ago, just after waking up, my phone rang ,the screen displaying the name […]