Savory Chicken sa Amerika!

May 25, 2010 Ben T 3

Like the famous song the band Hotdog made famous, there are just some things in life that you will never forget and keep returning to it. This is the case of ‘the other’ famous chicken restaurant in Manila that I grew up knowing as a child – Savory Chicken. In my case, the Savory Chicken branch alongside the old Fiesta Carnival brings back some of my high school memories.

Poklat's – A Filipino Gem in Milpitas, CA

May 21, 2010 Ben T 4

If I should describe an ideal restaurant to have Filipino food in a country besides the Philippines, this place should be one that delivers excellent food, great company, something different, and at a price you can’t beat.

#67 Fire at Dawn

May 17, 2010 bobbyw59 1

Every so often, you get lucky. We were on Badian Island in southern Cebu, a secluded little place about 2.5 hours by car from the […]

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Lumpia Maki

May 13, 2010 jodinand 3

tiger shrimp | cream cheese | green onions | wrapped & deep fried in lumpia wrapping | rolled in a cucumber & shredded carrot inside-out […]

#66 Painted Skies

May 9, 2010 bobbyw59 3

What’s more beautiful than a strip of white sand surrounded by an emerald sea? One that’s under a painted blue sky, of course! Nine years […]

#65 Dusk over Misibis

May 2, 2010 bobbyw59 0

click to enlarge Patience is a virtue. Believe it. We waited to shoot the sunset along Misibis Bay on Cagraray Island in Albay but clouds […]