18 Reasons Why I Fell in Love with El Nido

It would take several lifetimes to explore the 7,000+ islands that make up the Philippine Archipelago. But, probably the best place I’ve been in the Philippines is El Nido, Palawan. The 5-6 hour van ride from Puerto Princesa is definitely way worth it!

El Nido is definitely a magical place. A place on Earth you should visit before you die.

Don’t believe me? Then, read on.

Spoiler alert: You too, will fall in love with El Nido!

1. These beach front restaurants and accommodations

Taking a room in town means being close to restaurants and beach side bars, but also closer to the everyday sights and sounds.


2. These crystal clear waters

Am I the only one obsessed with crystal clear waters?


3. These powder-like, white sand beaches

Having a long stretch of white sand beach all to yourself to enjoy is THE DREAM for a beach bum like me.


4. These cool bancas

Hop into these bancas (motorized boats) while cruising along from island to island as you gaze at the beauty around you.


5. These palm trees

These towering trees scattered beautifully across the town and beaches are extraordinary. I can’t help but admire the tropical vibe they epitomize.


6. These sunsets

Sitting on the beach, relaxing and unwinding while watching the sun paint the sky is probably one of my life’s most pleasurable moments.


7. This new found island friend

He probably joined in one of the tours and finally decided to stay a little while here. I can’t blame him. Good boy!


8. This shrine in the middle of nowhere

A shrine? Yes, that’s right. The Matinloc shrine is actually in one of the remote islands.



9. This heart-shaped stone

Locals saw this heart-shaped stone on the island. Later, it was found out that the island is also heart-shaped. Coincidence?


10. This nature wielded door

Yes, in order to get to the other side, you have to get through this narrow hole. Mind you, it is quite slippery.


11. This island shaped like a helicopter

This is actually my most favorite – Helicopter island. Not only that the beach is pristine and long but the water is also the clearest. And to top it off, this is where I had the most fun snorkeling.


12. This feast

Oh, the food they served.. is divine! I kinda had to choose between my bikini body (wishful thinking) and shamelessly indulging myself into this feast.


13. This feeding frenzy

Why not stop in the middle of the sea, grab a banana and bread, and dine with the marine life?



14. This awesome ride

Yes, this is my ride. Yes, it is a bad as*.



15. These cocktails

Beach and cocktails? What could wrong? The worst case scenario would be: you get too drunk, the boat leaves you and you’re stuck in island. Nothing! Cheers!


16. These tropical ice bergs

Oh, these things are like mushrooms springing out in the middle of nowhere.




17. This massage place right at the beach

What better to relax than getting a massage. On the beach. Listening to the waves. While watching the sunset.


And finally, 18. This limestone cliffs

Standing on top of these limestone cliffs as I take in this spectacular view is both scary and enjoyable.


So, there you have it! Of course, there could be a thousand more especially that I have not visited all the islands. This list can grow for miles! But, this for now:

18 good reasons why I fell in love with this paradise.

18 good reasons to come visit.

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