18 Perks and Dilemmas of being a nursing student

Group 11 4BSN5L. Making the most of it. From L-R: Chynna. Adi, Jaze, Justin, Grace, Nikki, Me, Iya, Donna & Fredo. On camera: Kuya Josh - ajeinomoto.com

Perks Dilemmas of Being a Nursing Student:

White, Clean, Clinical Uniforms. We can’t deny that whenever we see someone in “white clinical uniforms”, it is indeed a head turner uniform. Specially when they come in groups. How cool and pleasing to the eyes. It was never my dream to be a nurse, but I just embraced it and as well as enjoyed wearing the clinical uniform that made me decent and made me really boosted my self-esteem since there is respect in the uniform too. I enjoyed placing my hands in its pockets and placing my nameplates on the left side. Perks: Will definitely gain respect and as well you really look clean and smell good. Dilemma: Easily stained and can’t hide any blemish once it has dirt and marks on it.

Multi-Layered Uniforms.

I just hate the rush of wearing the multi-layered uniform, specially for the girls. It’s really and  undeniably uncomfortable when the weather is hot too. And when it starts to rain, oh how the stickiness and uncomfortable it comes with our stockings. Perks: It is good for a cold weather. Dilemma: Will curse for humid and hot weather.

Neat Hair Dos.

Hair Buns are the most favorites and gel hairs as well. Nursing students are known for neatness since they are also pioneers of health promotion and cleanliness. I just hate it when I’m running late. I often make ugly buns. So frustrating. For the girls, it is indeed  a part where you have to spend a lot of time, Perks: For long hair, since it would just take a minute or two to put up this style.

Dilemma: For the short hairs, where they have to wear tons and tons of hair clips to put the hair in place.

Three Colored Pens. Who doesn’t like a colorful chart one way or the another? The color coding comes with a meaning. It’s not just merely using a certain color. Usually the Black one is used for the morning shift, the Blue one is for the afternoon shift and the Red one is for the night shift. It is to set a uniformity to instantly distinguished a certain note in the chart? Perks: It really looks good in the side pocket, and makes you feel really ready for any shift you are going to be assigned to. Dilemma: Since it’s a pen placed in a clothe, the pen’s stains and marks can really be frustrating!

Small Notebooks. A nursing student on duty can never go without this one (unless you are a walking recorder, then it can be possible). This is where the interviews and notes goes when you are dealing with a patient. Perks: Can really be handy when it comes to jotting some important notes or reminders. Dilemma: Since it is small, you can’t place enough information specailly when it times to making the “sample charting”.

Sample Charting. I’m fond of writing and I usually get excited when it’s time to write the notes on the chart of the patient. It is usually where the nurse writes what he/she implemented on his/her patient. I really enjoyed this part specially when I get to have tons of “rendered care”. Perks: The next NOD will have an idea of what took place with the patient and as well as it serves as a guide on what certain care needs to be improved and still needs assessment (continuous process). The more detailed it is, the more it is easily understood. Dilemma: When running late and almost the end of the shift, usually the notes on the chart becomes short and not that clear, and can usually lead to misunderstanding at a certain point.

Paraphernalia. Since Vital Signs, is one one the most important part of assessment, the needed tools should always be there such as the BP apparatus, thermometer, sphygmomanometer and a watch with a minute hand. Perks: The more complete you are, the more you are complimented by the Clinical Instructor/s and more chances of providing quality care for the patient. Dilemma: The less you have, the more reprimands you get!

Return Demos. This is where nursing students be able to practice a certain procedure and have a first glimpse (so that they won’t be shocked when it comes to the real thing). Perks: There is a room for improvement and a way to master a certain fundamental procedure/s. Dilemma: Tons and a “long list” of memorization for a certain procedure to be quoted to the Clinical Instructor/s.

“Cool” Cases. This is one of the most awaited part of being a nurse where you got to have cool cases during the duties days, cool in a sense that you get to handle and be able to really experience the “real thing” that you usually read in the books. Perks: The more “bloody” and “communicable/contagious” it gets, the more learning you gain. Dilemma: Even though you have to render care, there is still the need to take some strict precautions to protect one self as well. Usually, thes kind of cases are not given and handled by the nursing students.

Night Shifts. Yes, the fun of being in the hospital at mid-shift hours. If not busy, the nursing students tend to have more time to talk about the cases, themselves and everything under the “moon” (kidding with the last part) Perks: Not so toxic for some cases, since the patients are also resting. Dilemma: Since it’s night, our circadian rhythm still needs adjustment, so keeping one self awake is really a struggle, unless you have insomnia.

Overnights. This is where the nursing students have to stay in a certain place for a couple of nights, to attend to their afternoon or night shifts. Usually applicable if the place is very far from home. Perks: A way to save a certain expense and as well less energy spent since travelling is really tiring. Dilemma: Even though it’s just a couple of nights, the bags that are usually brought are still big, because of the number of uniforms and some books that is needed.

Affiliations. Every “Third Year” in the Nursing Curriculum, students are required to attend and meet the requirements in “affiliating to different sets of hospitals” to also meet the needed the cases. Perks: Get to experience and go to new hospitals and meet new people as well. Rare cases can also be one of those memories that can be treasured. Dilemma: It is really expensive!

Fast Food and Eater. This is one of the amazing thing with nursing students. Since we only get to have limited hours to have our snacks and lunches slash dinners, we have to attend to our patients more. We tend to have less break time. Perks: You can actually practice eating fast and can really use the skill when you are in a rush. Dilemma: Since you have to finish a meal in just nearly 5-10 minutes. It can really be a pain in the stomach and can usually lead to indigestion.

Handful and Thick Books. Yes, since we get to deal with lives, the more we need to study about their conditions and it’s not a joke. It’s the real deal. Perks: The more you know, the more it is easy to assess and nearly diagnose a patient. Dilemma: Can really be boring since you have to read a thick book and with small fonts and no pictures.

Study Cases. The part where you get to share your cases with your fellow group mates and as well be able to ask for suggestions in dealing with a particular sickness or condition. Perks: The more sharing, the more learning. Dilemma: Different views can lead to certain problems in rendering care. The need to really standardized.

“Share Your Blessings”. Since every now and then, group mates usually stick together, whenever another group mate has none (can be either in terms of paraphernalia), one can let him/her borrow Perks: In times of  “troubles”, and “crisis”, the group mates would stand for the other. Dilemma: This can usually be applicable for those who are really close and have a good rapport with his/her fellow nursing students. Can usually lead to dependence as well.

OCD. Nursing students tend to be really an OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) where their eyes tend to be microscopic to any microorganism. Alcohol or hand sanitizers becomes the best friends. But still hand washing is the best way.

Perks: Health conscious. Dilemma: Can go overboard

Group Pictures. This can never be out of the list, picture taking is usually one of the favorites of the nursing students specially when in comes to their duty days, experiences, cases, reports and whatsoever that can be taken into document (even sometimes it is not school related anymore). As long as their is a camera, everyone is ready to pose. Perks: ALWAYS Dilemma: NO CAMERA.

So far, those are just some of the things I could remember way back when I was still a student and how I just enjoyed being a nursing student and looking forward to having my license (even though it wasn’t my first choice in the first place).

Then I thought, why not just love the field that I’ve chosen. I was there and halfway meeting the finish line. I miss being a student and how things looked. I was so happy even though there were also sleepless nights just to finish some requirements to meet with the curriculum. Looking back to it, it was indeed not a joke entering to this kind of course, but we were still able to survived it and be able to receive what we worked hard for- our licence.

Group 11 4BSN5L. Making the most of it. From L-R: Chynna. Adi, Jaze, Justin, Grace, Nikki, Me, Iya, Donna & Fredo. On camera: Kuya Josh - ajeinomoto.com
Group 11 4BSN5L. Making the most of it. From L-R: Chynna. Adi, Jaze, Justin, Grace, Nikki, Me, Iya, Donna & Fredo. On camera: Kuya Josh – ajeinomoto.com

Even though being a Nurse is still a dilemma on finding a permanent and stable job, still many are enroling and taking this up. Because the service you can give to the people who are in need when in comes to their health is still rewarding.

How about you? What are your perks when you took your course way back your college years, or the course you are taking now? I guess yours is a very long list, can’t wait to know as well. Just drop by the “comment box” below. Can’t wait.

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