13 Reasons Why Batanes is Breathtaking

Batanes was a dream that became a reality last March 2018. I wanted to know why there are tons of #BreathtakingBatanes. And here are the 13 reasons why:

1. “The hills are alive with the sound of moooooo-sic…”


What a feeling!


Yes, the sound of mooooo-sic. Literally, you will hear the mooooos of the cows and the meeeee of the goats in every hill in Batanes. You will definitely sing the sound of music song. You’ll feel so alive because of the nature surrounding you.

2.  The “Blow Ur Horn” sign


The sign that you can only see in Batanes. Blow ur horn literally means to blow the horn of a car or motorcycle to warn any incoming vehicle to slow down. The sign is usually seen at a blind curve. It is certified only in Batanes!

3. Historic churches


When you are in Batanes, don’t forget to attend a mass on a Sunday if you are a catholic. Please also wear decent clothes if you are entering the church.

4. Chamber of Secrets (Batanes version)

The Maywang A Libro Du Vatan (Batanes Blank Book Archive) is located beside a church. You can write in any book with anything that you want to write. I call it chamber of secrets as there are a lot of secrets hidden in each book. From secret crush, secret proposal to just sharing their awesome adventure in Batanes. Mine is written in book # 84: Bakit List?

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