11 Awesome Things We Can Learn From Kids

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A person doesn’t have to be a biological mother or a woman to enjoy children.

Working with children since 2005 and having two of my own have made me realized one thing about myself. They actually unleashed my crazy, creative inner child. I know a lot of people can relate to that.

When I became a caregiver for child clients and a special needs assistant, I see my job not only as a way of earning money but enjoying the times with kids as well.  The pay is good but money is just a bonus. Being with them makes a day lighter and easier because they know how to have so much fun with little effort. Children know how it is to live in the present moment – something we adults tend to forget from the busyness and struggles of our everyday life. They neither care about the past nor the future. All they care about is the FUN that they are having right NOW.

So what makes them tick?


1. THEY LIVE ON ROTFL MOMENTS. They say the most hilarious things on earth even in the most serious and difficult situations. Hands down.  Kids will quarrel, cry and laugh in a minute. They know how to roll on the floor and laugh to their heart’s content.  That’s their talent. They crack you up so much and make you pee on your pants. Can you imagine a house without a child’s laughter? Yeah, they are so nosey and messy lots but they are NOT boring, right?

2. THEY ARE SO ANNE FRANK. They are open, honest and sometimes up to the point of being blunt – which  makes parents cringe with discomfort. Yes, they can upset you in front of other adults because they say the truth and nothing but the truth. So parents BEWARE. They see things as they are without sugarcoating nor kissing ass(pardon my French) just to get something from other people (usually like what grown ups do). If kids do it, they learned it from us for sure. They do adhere to the warning that being a liar makes the nose grows longer like Pinocchio. So they take your words very seriously. Who wants a Pinocchio nose anyway? Geez.

3.THEY ARE SACCHARINE SWEET. They are like a picture of a caramel vanilla and chocolate pudding cake with cherry on top. They say the most adorable and heart-tugging things you ever heard in your entire life and they make you weep. They draw lots of heart and smiley emoticons even more than what your better-half do. Their innocent faces and shy smiles will make you easily forget all the hardships around you, but just enough to make it through another day. Yes, they are so mischievous, but, how can you not love a sweet innocent smile after seeing the big mess on the floor or the creepy writings on the wall? Good news, you will learn patience.

4. THEIR KINDNESS IS SO ADORABLE. They have so much faith in humanity that could melt even those people with hearts of stone. They love people and animals to bits. Kids easily forget a petty quarrel with other children in a minute. They don’t hold grudges for a long time. Forgiveness is one trait that they naturally have.  A rare trait that they lose in adulthood due to environment and outside influences. Sad but true.

5. THEY ARE GREAT HEALERS. Words of comfort and empathy are the stuff that makes them healers of the wounded. They do great wonders for people who are ill, in despair or having a bad day at work. They bring you little things to make you feel better when sick.  Either sing a song or give you their favorite toy so you would be happy if sad because that toy makes them happy too.  Their little acts of kindness will always tug at the heartstrings. Whether it’s about as big as losing your job, having a painful heartbreak or as plain as stubbing your big toe on the table, children always find meaning in every experiences and treat it as a serious thing. When adults are having fun hurting other people, kids are doing great at healing and comforting people. RESPECT.

6. THEY CAN EASILY SPOT A LIAR 10 FEET AWAY. Talking to them can unmask even the biggest liars and pretenders of this world. A child’s honest remark could easily hit it home. They trust everything that adults say that once you mess up and don’t live up to your promise,  you better find a good defense lawyer. Because they won’t accept any of the adult’s BS. They see life as it is, not just the way we want them to believe. Enough said.

7. THEY TALK WITH SENSE. They talk with sense despite the young age. Their unorthodox thinking challenges family ideals and rituals, and even defies norms and traditions. They think and talk beyond their years, sometimes it makes you wonder where do they learn such things? Well…old soul, what else? And in fact as a grown up woman and a mother,the greatest lessons we have learned in life actually came from the mouths of babes.

8. THEIR IDEA OF A HERO IS PETER PAN.  Yes, because they are an adventurous lots. They get cranky.  They get naughty. They even think they can fly like him. Sometimes they are on a temper tantrum mode and give you daily dose of their mischievousness that you need to child proof the house at all times. Living with them is like being in the eye of a hurricane. But when the strong tide has settled down at night when you tuck them in their bed to sleep, they can be the little human version of the care bears. That is the best part.

9. THEY ARE SO CREATIVE.  Adult people’s greatest ideas came from their childhood. They were inspired by their mind’s ability to think outside the box and the way they see life from a child’s perspective. Look at Walt Disney, George Lucas and even Van Gogh’s artistic creations were inspired by childhood experiences. Playing is a very important part of growth and development where children’s brains are working hard at creating something (okay sometimes tearing things apart so they can put it back together) while having fun at the same time. So, next time you need an inspiration, ask a child.

10. THEY ARE THE WORLD’S COOLEST SECRET AGENTS. They may be so honest, chatty or timid but one thing is certain, they are good at keeping secrets because they believe in word of honor. You can trust them with your life’s secrets wholeheartedly  but you can’t make them keep something that is not for the good of all. They may keep it for the time being out of fear but it will come out. You will see.

11. THEY ARE GOD’S LITTLE ANGELS.  Whoever wants to mess with angels? They are God’s cute sidekicks. Children have a way of looking at all things beautifully and positively. They feel love and compassion with other people even if they are not given the same things like love,care and attention because they know and believe that God’s unconditional love to people is the same. It is one important thing that we grown ups could all learn from. They love people as they are. No matter what.

For me, kids are like the famous Minions of the movie Despicable Me, they are so cute and adorable. And like the Minions , they do have their funny language and laughter too. Ever tried singing the banana song with kids? Try it  and you will see it will wipe your cares away.




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