10 ways to raise competitive and goal-oriented children.

Photo credit to educationnext.org


Photo credit to educationnext.org
Photo credit to educationnext.org

        1.   Make your children know that you are interested in their studies, not just as a duty, but because you believe in your children’s abilities.

        2.   Support them unequivocally in terms of tools and materials. When they need books or materials – do your best to provide it for them.

  1. Involve yourself in their assignments, projects and papers.  Children appreciate parents who give their time to help them in their requirements in school. Not only do they feel loved, but it also makes them feel that they have a partner in their schoolwork.

       4.  Be generous in commending your children. The children mostly feel triumphant – when the parents gave them the best praises.

       5.  Most teens do not have an idea on what to pursue in college. It is best to have a dialogue with your children on a daily basis, and map out plans on courses they should take, based on their interest and highly graded subjects. Nevertheless, most of all – let your children decide what they want to be in the future.

       6.  Spend leisure time with your children – let them know that you love them not only as a parent, but also as a friend. It is to the advantage of the           children, when they know that they can approach their parents, no matter what.

7.  Demonstrate some parental authority, when it comes to school responsibilities. Let them be aware that, what they do or not do will have            consequences on their future. However, there should always be an open dialogue. Parents, who are too strict, tend to have children who are only motivated out of fear.

The motivation should come from an inspiration to please the parents out of love and gratitude.

8. Keep your child’s dignity intact when talking to them about some infractions. It is important to   treat your children like an adult, after all when they grow up – they will be the same person. It is  better to raise average performing children who love and respect you, than overly achieving children who resents you.

9. Understand that your children have hobbies also apart from school responsibilities. Give them time to enjoy their other interests, but still prioritizing on their schoolwork.

10. Talk to your children about anything under the sun. However, make sure that these talks are productive, mind enhancing topics and will add to                       their  growth as a person. However, do not avoid silly topics as well. Do not take the fun out of parenting.

Encourage reading and praying.




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