10 Tips On How To Travel Solo Safely.


Most of us want to travel alone for once in our life; believing that we will learn a lot of things by going out of our comfort zone. Some of us probably want to boost our self confidence or maybe to have a meaningful life to live.

In Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs self-actualization is defines as “The motivation to realize one’s own maximum potential and possibilities. It is considered to be the master motive or the only real motive, all other motives being its various forms”.

It can be possibly achieved through traveling. It will bring us out from our comfort zone; which means that we have to take “risk” and some of us are afraid of what might happen on our trip. Those “WHAT IFs” should be considered and we love to travel but we still have a life to return and there is a need to make sure that we can go back home safe. These basic tips might help you.

1. Start with Planning

“If you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail”—Benjamin Franklin

Pine Tress of Mt. Ulap Trail


In everything we do we plan. This is the basic thing we do in our everyday life and can be applied on going out of our comfort zone. It includes researching of the destinations; the nature of environment, cultural diversities, availability of resources, facilities and any other factors to be considered in order to identify the things we have to bring or leave. A friend of mine, my mentor in mountaineering once said “if you choose climbing as a hobby, you have to deal with its requirements and expect it to be expensive.” When you plan, always include telling a significant other or a person in authority. When it comes to extreme adventures “what are the possible risk?” or “what injury I might get?”

Praying is considered planning, ask God for Guidance.

2. The Three Day Rule.

This should be included in planning process; this is very important. I learned this during our emergency training in self preservation by Doc Ted Esguerra. This is actually during disasters, but since we are traveling and not in our usual routine then this is highly applicable if you travel alone.This rule is about our communication with our family members that you have to contact them in any means within three days telling them that you are safe, through text, call, radio, internet or Medias. And if you fail to report, It means that something happens to you already, then they will request for a search and rescue operation. Same rules apply when you are traveling. Keep your family informed where you are and how long will you stay in a place and/or if communications are not available in the place, notify them as soon as possible.

3. Water, water, and water.

It is essential in our body; to keep our self hydrated. Common hazard in traveling is dehydration during long hours of bus ride, mountainous area, beaches where no store is available we can be dehydrated and it can cause dizziness, headache, and altered level of consciousness. Water is one of the heaviest loads during a trip but never to waste it especially in a thirst triggering environment. Clean water should be considered to avoid infection from contaminated water. You can buy a water purifier in the market.

4. Love your First Aid Kit.

Having a first aid kit inside your backpack is not an option but something that every bag should strive to have. They are important because they help treat injuries and even ailments that do occur during our trip. From less severe problems to more serious ailments, first aid kits will help in reducing infection risks and even the severity of an injury. There are many supplies that are found inside a first aid kit, and in order to know how to use each of them, you may need to be educated by attending a basic first aid class. A “Should have and never to be missed” in your backpack. Accidents can happen anywhere and anytime. Please be sure that your First Aid Kit should be placed where you can easily access to ensure that a quick intervention shall be made. The kits can be used in reducing infections that come from open wounds and also severity of an injury. Internet is available for details of first aid and should be included in planning.

5. Secure an Emergency Money.

Even if we plan, it is possible that we can be impulsive on buying things, or maybe some unexpected fair hike. Anything can happen during our trip. Then we should always have a fund that is intended only during emergency. Be sure to secure it in place and split it in your bag and in your personal pocket, socks, underwear, and/or phone case and in waterproof it. This money should help you live for 3 days or will be enough to buy a fare to go home. There are areas where ATM and Credit card will not work so it is better to carry cash on hand being spread in your backpack and your person.

6. Never use a headset/earphone

Yes! It is unsafe to use a headset while you travel. Where’s the fun in that? In the field of safety professionals, we do not recommend the use of headset for safety purposes since we are in a hazardous Industry. The level of risk in traveling world is hazardous; the same with other industries like construction. Our sense of hearing is very crucial in our survival. Using a headset, we eliminate distracting sound: crossing the streets with cars, someone approaching at your back. It can cause a hearing loss in the long term too. Medical experts have affirmed that there are other risks caused by excessive use of earphones including the damage to hair cells in the inner ear, which causes permanent hearing loss.

(It is also disrespectful in some cultures if you do not listen when they are talking to you.)

7. Trust no one.

In an unfamiliar environment, it is important not to trust anyone. In my personal experience, every time I travel in an urban or rural area, I treat everyone as a threat to me. Old lady, beautiful girl, little kids, or a corporate looking guy approaching towards me and I just can’t trust them because I am not from there. Even if they are honestly kind, I do not know them personally. You can smile at them but guard your belongings. Avoid being distracted by them and always observed the people behind you. It is not being paranoid but an essential to stay in track. So you have to be careful. Always asked a person in authority and be sure to look at their name plate or ask their name for safety.

8. Wear appropriate outfit.

Sunrise view of Mt. Ulap, Itogon, Benguet


You don’t wear swimsuit on top of the mountain. Rash guards are important for our skin protection; It will avoid an uncomfortable trip experience if we wear suitable clothes. Layering is very important; I never miss my jacket where ever I go. Environments temperature can drop significantly anytime. We are not in our usual environment. We are comfortable with very light clothing at the beach.

9. Carry a MULTI-TOOL

You don’t want to carry a full-size tool box, do you? The multi-tool will surely save you in times of need. A must have in your backpack. Be sure to buy a good quality (have you watched 127 hrs? if yes, then you know what I mean). It has a can opener, scissors, knife, pliers, saw, and some tool have spoon and fork and etc.It has a lesser threatening looks than knife. In times of trouble, you can use it as a self defense in a worst case scenario.

10. Monitor your Personal Health Condition

If you want to travel, always prioritize your health than your enjoyment. It is not about you. It is about the people you are going to exasperate. The disturbance you cause while you travel with risk is really not going to make people happy about you. If you have an infection, then it is better to stay at home. If with medical advice, be sure to bring all your prescribed medications and necessities. People with severe medical conditions have limited activities of daily living. Be sure to keep yourself healthy. While on the go, we do not expect a frequent healthy food but instead we enjoy some instant noodles or energy bars.

Bonus Tip:  Waterproof Your Things.

Please Travel Safe. Write down your comments and reactions below. Don’t forget to hit like. You can request a topic and I might consider it.

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