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I’ve been overly-negative with the Philippines in general with my blog posts. I know these posts may not have been favored, but hell, I’ll always continue to write them. I don’t feel bad for doing them, instead, I feel happy. When somebody’s mad at you, sometimes, it just means you’re doing something right.

And so, while I may not be a racist anti-Filipino person you think of me to be, I’m not the entirely happy camper, either. That’s why, as an early Christmas present, I decided to give you all TEN THOUGHTS on the Philippines. These are, how I think of it, to be summarized thoughts on our country. They’re not meant to be bad or negative, but if you’ll take them that way, I just hope it makes you feel better. Anyway, here they are.


1) What’s wrong with Gays?

Sure, they may be an overly-used stereotype in Filipino media, but they’re human. Maybe it’s because we’re conservative. It’s contradicting, no? We’re a Catholic country, yet we’re also kind of accepting of gays. We’ve been doing the “Maarte Bading Best Friend” for a long time now that it seems normal (the good wife/girl always has one.) But seriously, we should start accepting them. Soon, we may be like North Korea, cranky and backwards. Remember, we’re the only country (except the Vatican) to not allow Divorce, but we’re also the country that has go-go dancers and barely acceptable double entendres in afternoon television.

2) Don’t be bitter over the country’s faults, be bitter over not changing.

So what if what I say could be bad for our ego? It doesn’t make anything less true. If we pout and throw a tantrum, it won’t make anything go away. I say embrace your faults and change!

3) Life would be better if we were the ones that led, instead of being led.

Think about it, if we cut off that “stop being anti-poor act” and started making real change, who knows what we could’ve done? RH bill? If that was passed, who knows, that may not be the magic bullet to ending poverty, but it IS the one sign that we’ve actually grown as a country. If  we started to ACTUALLY clean the Pasig River, it may soon be something safe and beautiful. If we removed the squatters, they may soon be safer places and happier people on both sides. However, these things will not occur if we don’t let it. The government should put its foot down and start working and we, for our part, should start thinking logically.

At least we don't have a little macho-dancing boy on tele-- oh, wait...

4) We could win in competitions if we took them seriously.

I wrote about us not having super fists or a chance to win in sports. For me, that’s the truth. Why not instead of pinning our hopes into foreign models, we should support those who are actually winning. Did that hurt, huh, Azkals/Volcanoes? Good. Step up your game, dudes. We gave you the attention, start living up to it. While on topic, what happened to the dragonboat team? How about the charity that said our only hope for the gold was in boxing? I believe that instead of  supporting teams for their looks, why not base it on results and abilities? Excel in the sports that are not well-known, where, chances are, our opponents may not win so easily. (Note: This was written before I read the results of the Azkals-Galaxy match. This will most probably be posted AFTERWARDS.)

5) If foreign Cartoon Ponies are made here in the Philippines, why not support the industry?

In my spare time, I chuckle at the wacky antics of the internet. When I was small, there was “Powerpuff girls,” a show that was oddly, appealing to nearly every demographic. Now, there’s “My Little Pony.” It’s become a cult favorite, from little girls to straight, adult men. Guess what, that’s made here! While this is,I’ll admit, incredibly funny, it just begs the question: If foreigners are exporting work here, why not put these guys to work for US?   Who knows, maybe in a few years we may not anymore have those really bad CGI graphics we’re used to, and may have hollywood-class CGI or animations. All it needs is the proper push and support.

This, apparently, is hardcore. Also, made in the Philippines.

6)Don’t pin your hopes on one thing, go for everything.

Rather than pin our entire ad campaign on the underground river, why not promote the sights and sounds of Manila? That river is only going to get dirty and destroyed if all the tourists just go there. We keep on saying Boracay is world-famous, but I still hear that most people prefer Hawaii or Australia.

7)God made love, but we’re the ones who give it.

As I said before, don’t let the Church be the one thing that controls you. Make the decision based on your choice and life. Remember, the bible isn’t foolproof; example: That “Camel” going through the “Eye of a needle?” That’s supposed to mean rope, not camel. Due to mistranslation, we still think of it as such. Besides, let’s just shed this “Conservative Church-Controlled State” title and just do what’s good for the country and us. Besides, if we were really so God-fearing, we wouldn’t have too many inconsistencies and hidden misconceptions about the church itself.

8) Action, not reaction.

I admire BF for his work in Marikina. He changed the city permanently and did his best to make proper change; did people like him? Only after his term, when people started seeing what was actually happening. Nowadays, can you still say the same? No. People just react, they don’t care about what happens after. Apply this in your own life, do what people don’t expect in order to make a real change. Do something positive instead of going with the flow.

9) A right is still a right.

So we should be a good person and help everyone. Give GMA a chance and don’t act as if she’s immediately guilty. Mideo’s work isn’t a violation of free speech since a violation of free speech is against its own definition. Hey, guys, if we really want to promote our country, then don’t scare people away. We scream “NO PICTURES!” all while promoting Intramuros and Rizal Park as “A historic place of value.” Sometimes, you have to admit, we trample on rights. A lot.

Had it not been for the new rule, this man would've been thrown out without his camera.

10) Never settle.

Don’t settle for the simple things or the mediocre, that’s why we’re not changing, we’re not doing enough. Two words: Crab Mentality. Mediocrity will be the death of the Filipino society; the “bahala na” attitude can be one of the reasons why no one really wants to continue on living here, while we cry about how life is so hard here, we have the tools to change it (60/40, google it.)! If all we got from the constitution is an inadequate economy, why not change it? Actually, that’s because we settle. We settled because nobody reports on it, nobody talks about it, and nobody cares.


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