10 Significant Facts of A Good Leader

2960116125_28d15fdf39_a-good-leaderLet’s do politics!

” Significant #FACTS of a LeadeYou. You must remind yourself that you ask for this and not the people asked you to be elected. 

3.) ANSWER ALL THE WHAT IFS? ???? Once you’re IN,  there’s no way you can change your mind. Try to answer all the “what ifs” that way, you’ll be prepared for anything that will come your way.. Good or Worst.

4.) DON’T MAKE FALSE PROMISES ???? Before you open your mouth to make your people hope on something to look forward to.. make sure you thought about it several times & plan it well to avoid failure. Do not promise anything that’s impossible to happen anytime soon.

5.) BE A FRIEND TO ALL ???? Make sure they’ll know that you are a friend. Meaning easy to talk to in times of need. But not to the extent that majority will disrespect you because they’re confuse about you being stupid instead of being nice.

6.) LIMITATIONS ???? They should know your Limits.. and know that joking around with you has it’s own time & right moment. Don’t be bitter! Just be yourself & focus on your goals to better your society. Little people are more important than big ones. Be fair at all times.

7.) NO FAVORITISM ???? This is so common in politics. Avoid this! If your family is wrong then they’re wrong. Don’t use your power to take sides that will make others less respect you. You are committed to the society, not to the individuals.

8.) EDUCATE YOUR FAMILY ???? You have to have a family meeting first & discuss with them that they should support you all the way. Meaning, throughout your time as a leader they should not do something stupid that will Ruin your name. Make sure you’ll tell them that if there’s an instance that they’ll bring trouble to the society, they have to take any circumstances & punishments they deserved. But of course, it’s different if they’re right about that certain matter.

9.) TAKE CRITICISMS AS A CHALLENGE ???? Big part of this is to be criticized by many. If ever you’ll encounter one, then make something good out of it. If you think they’re right, keep it as an advice. If you think they’re wrong, then don’t waste your time whining about it. Set aside your Pride & remember that you are not perfect. Everybody is same way! So don’t let criticisms affect your goals because making it happen will surely Prove them wrong.

10.) BELIEVE IN YOURSELF ???? Don’t be easily turned down. Believe in yourself that you Can do this! Trust yourself that you can make a difference to make our society a better place to live in. Don’t let insecurities ruin your prospectives. Always write everything down & do not rely on your memory. Don’t be afraid nor hesitate. Lastly, don’t forget to ask guidance from God ???? & prayer is a must!

Photo by State Library of New South Wales collection

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