10 Convictions To Live For

By: Adrian Pantonial


I believe…

…In the spirit of greatness that lies within us, sometimes just waiting to be pointed out and encouraged-Greatness

…The determining factor to success and failure is my response to whatever comes my way-Success

…Man’s soul, as designed by God, is greater than everything that happens to it-Soul Survivor

…Everyone in our sphere of influence matters. If I help them succeed, they can help me succeed too-Everyone Matters

…The only thing worth pursuing is that which builds relationship that ends with something that would last longer than life itself-Legacy

…Every person deserves to be treated with genuine love because man is destined to love and be loved-Share Love

…Man’s hunger for power–for whatever reason–is insatiable, the same with his thirst for love that is unquenchable-Power and Love

…Relationship is the greatest need of every human being, especially the connection to the One who is the beginning and end of all things-Relationships and God

…The greatest motivation in every great human endeavor draws us back to God’s original plan for humanity, which is Redemption…His shining glory in all things-Redemption

…I can help make this world a better place if I could touch so profoundly one life at a time-Impact


About Adrian Pantonial

an adventurer, life-long learner, contagious communicator, a sucker for inspiration, hoping to inspire others, freelance writer, poet and a photography enthusiast.