Wil Dasovich shares hilarious story while accompanying his childhood friend Zac Efron to promote his film

  • Content creators Wil and Haley Dasovich reveal they are childhood friends with Hollywood actor Zac Efron and his brother Dylan
  • In Wil’s recent podcast episode, he, Haley, and Dylan talked about the time when they accompanied Zac to promote his movie “Hairspray”
  • During the podcast, Wil shared hilarious stories while they were on tour with Zac

Before becoming one of today’s well-known content creators on YouTube, Filipino-American Wil Dasovich first appeared as a housemate on ABS-CBN’s Pinoy Big Brother last 2016.

Image from Wil Dasovich’s video via YouTube

After becoming famous vloggers, it was revealed that Wil and his sister, Haley Dasovich, were in fact childhood friends with Hollywood actor Zac Efron who was first known for his role in High School Musical film series as Troy Bolton.

On Wil’s Superhuman podcast, an episode titled “Untold Childhood Stories with the Efrons ft. Dylan Efron,” he, Haley, and Dylan Efron talked about their youth adventures while Zac was still beginning his career in Hollywood.

“Today we have Dylan Efron and my sister, unfortunately, Zac Efron, Dylan’s brother could not join us. The four of us are childhood friends, we grew up together, our parents grew up together and just tell some crazy stories,” said Wil during the first part of the podcast.

Image from Wil Dasovich’s video via YouTube

The three of them talked about their funny memories during their childhood, as well as difficult times during their teenage years together. One particular memory is when Zac was beginning his career in Hollywood and was on tour to promote his then-movie “Hairspray” in 2007.

For eight days, Wil, Haley, Zac, and Dylan went around New York city during the movie promo tour. Accompanied by Dylan’s father, the four of them attended shows, meet and greets, after parties, and premiere nights of the Hairspray movie.

Image from Wil Dasovich’s video via YouTube

At one point, Wil vividly remembered the “poop story” that happened in one of the film’s after parties. According to Wil and Dylan, the two of them had a bad stomachache and raced their way back to their hotel room.

“Dylan is like a little stronger than me, he dives into the bathroom and he gets into the bathroom before me, slams the door closed. So I’m just there waiting with my [growling] stomach and he’s just exploding,” Wil recalled. Since he could not take it anymore, Wil said that he was forced to discharge¬†inside a bag.