South Korean zombie thriller “Train to Busan” is getting a US remake with James Wan as producer, report says

  • Recently, a report was released confirming that the South Korean zombie apocalypse thriller “Train to Busan” would be getting a US remake
  • The remake would be directed and produced by some of the most-known horror director and producers
  • Train to Busan released last 2016 became an international box office hit and was ranked as the highest-grossing film in 2016

A lot of  zombie movies that had been shown on the big screen have created a huge impact on moviegoers; not just because of their story line but also because of the possibility that it may happen in real life.

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Some of the most talked about zombie apocalypse movie in the past years are 28 Days Later (2002), Zombieland (2009), World War Z (2013), and included in the list is the 2016 international box office hit from South Korea, Train to Busan.

Many audience and film critics were in awe because of the unique story line and setting of Train to Busan which premiered internationally at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016.

Train to Busan follows the story of Sok-woo, played by well-known South Korean actor Gong Yoo, and his daughter Soo-ahn, played by child actress Su-an Kim, as they try to survive while on-board in a KTX; a speed train that shall bring them from Seoul to Busan after an unknown epidemic hit many parts of South Korea.

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Following its release on international theaters, Train to Busan was one of the highest-grossing films in 2016. After a year, an animated film prequel titled Seoul Station was released. And just last year, the highly-anticipated live action sequel, Train to Busan: Peninsula, was released.

Due to the massive domination of Train to Busan, it was reported recently that it would be getting a US remake as Indonesian filmmaker Timo Tjahjanto is in talks to direct the film which will be released by the New Line Cinema, a film company which is part of WarnerMedia.

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Timo Tjahjanto is best known for directing horror movies such as May the Devil Take You and its sequel May the Devil Take You Too, and the 2018 Netflix martial arts movie The Night Comes for Us.

It was also reported that the producers of the Train to Busan remake are James Wan, known for his Conjuring movies, and Michael Clear and Gaumont’s Nicolas Atlan and Terry Kalagian, alongside Gary Dauberman who wrote all  the Annabelle movies in Wan’s Conjuring universe.

Release date of Train to Busan US remake and other details have not been announced yet.