Social media darling Scarlet Snow Belo wishes ‘people to be kinder’ as she celebrates 6th birthday

  • Recently, Scarlet Snow Belo celebrated her 6th birthday with a sweet message she penned on social media
  • Scarlet wishes and prays for people to be kinder to one another, to animals, and to the environment
  • Scarlet’s parents, Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo, also shared their sweet birthday message to their daughter on social media

At such a young age, many Filipinos believe that “social media darling” Scarlet Snow Belo already has it all — a glamorous life, beautiful face, good parents, being able to earn money because of advertisements and modelling projects, and of course, the advantages of being a child of  one of the country’s most sought-after dermatologist.

Image from Instagram | @victoria_belo

Even though she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, Scarlet grew up to be a role model to other kids and even to some adults because of the campaigns she has been pushing through such as taking care of the animals and the environment.

Recently, the social media darling celebrated her 6th birthday with a sweet message she penned for her IG followers and for the general public.

Scarlet shared, “My birthday wish is that peoples will be kinder to other peoples, and also to animals and the environment. I also wish that when I grow up I will be a blessing to many peoples, especially those in need.”

Image from Instagram | @scarletsnowbelo

She asked her followers to wish the same “so that God will hear them.”

Her parents also penned a sweet message for their daughter as she turns six.

“You bring joy and happiness to those around you. The stories you write, the ideas you come up with, the deep questions you surprise us with, the jokes you tell, and all the other silly things you do to give everyone a good laugh — I cherish all of them,” said Dr. Hayden Kho.

“My dear you make the dullest days full of light @scarletsnowbelo. Everyday is such an adventure with you . Happy birthday my guppy! I love you so much!” wrote her mom Vicki.