Iya Villania shares thoughts about her ‘wedding ring that no longer fits’

  • TV host Iya Villania-Arellano shared a picture of her hand ‘wearing’ her wedding ring
  • The diamond ring doesn’t fit her finger anymore, it would only go halfway
  • Instead of being sad about it and considering having some resizing done, Iya said she would just give it to one of her children in the future

There are two things involved in a relationship to represent commitment and love: the engagement and the wedding ring. The first is a symbol of a promise, while the latter symbolizes eternal love.

Image from Iya Villania via Instagram

Many couples choose to wear their wedding ring at all times. And as years pass, some couples just prefer to keep their wedding rings in a safe box or wear it around their neck as a pendant.

Well, some people, like TV host Iya Villania-Arellano, are not fond of wearing jewelry; not even their wedding rings. This usually goes for those who are busy with their hands most of the time – like moms who do laundry and dishwashing, cleaning, gardening and the like.

Then one day, you decide to check on your ring – and find that it no longer fits!  TV host Iya just did!

“I’m not one who wears jewelry, not even my wedding or engagement ring, so when I tried my ring on again… eto tuloy. Looks like the next time I’ll see this ring is when I pass it on to one of my kids,” Iya shared.

Some netizens were able to relate to the recent Instagram post of Iya showing her hand with a ring that no longer fits.

“Yes, those are my hands… not Drew’s,” the TV host-actress jokingly added in the caption of her post.

Image from Iya Villania via Instagram

The post quickly received warm reactions from fellow celebrity moms who experienced the same.

Host and DJ Andi Manzano commented: Same! My ring is actually big for me so I have a ring adjuster to make it tighter para it fits haha. Actress Neri Naig-Miranda also replied: Same! Yung wedding ring ko hirap na rin! Para nang suman ring finger ko.

She and Drew tied the knot in 2014 and they now have three adorable children: Primo, Leon, and Baby Alana.