‘I’m just nobody’: 11 years ago, Empress’ husband Vino was a stranger who gatecrashed at her birthday party

  • Empress Schuck’s husband Vino Guingona was only a stranger who gatecrashed to her 18th birthday celebration 11 years ago
  • Back then, he thought that it was impossible for him to end up with a celebrity like her
  • But God has other plans; he met again four years later, got to know each other, and became a couple eventually

More than a decade ago, Vino Guingona, now the husband of Empress Schuck, was once a young man gatecrashing the 18 birthday celebration of a popular child star-turned-teen star.

Images captured from NicePrintChannel’s video | YouTube

In the wedding film uploaded by NicePrintChannel, Vino looked back on that unforgettable moment. She was entering the venue of her party, welcomed by a huge crowd filled with celebrities and well-known personalities.

“Eleven years ago, I was a stranger who gatecrashed to your 18th birthday. And I remember standing behind a huge crowd, staring at you while you were entering,” he recalled in his vow. “Your party was star-studded, filled with celebrities. As I looked at you, my world seems to stop. And I remember thinking how beautiful you are.”

Relishing a simple life despite coming from a well-respected clan, the grandson of former vice president Teofisto Guingona, Jr. looked at her from afar and realized that they are truly worlds apart.

“At that very moment, reality struck. I thought to myself, I’m just a nobody from the province…there’s no way I can end up with a celebrity,” he said.

But God has other plans.

“Four years after,” Vino shared, “He gave us another chance to meet. This time, more appropriately. I officially met you in a restaurant in Makati. After the dinner, our friend offered me to drop you home. Because I wanted to impress you, I said yes.”

He continued his speech by remembering how they faced every trial together and how she helped him become the person he is today.

Image via @itsempressita | Instagram

Turning emotional, the actress expressed, “Finally, I found my place, my contentment, my peace. Through you, God showed me that I can be taken care of; that I can be loved, I can be heard and understood for all the struggles and sacrifices I went through in life…ikaw pala iyong finish line, ikaw iyong happy ending, ikaw iyong reward na simula noon everything made sense. Of course, there were still hardships, but this time, may kasama na ako.”

She also shared how she realized that Vino was truly sent by God when they had their daughter Athalia, who is now five years old.

Last September, Empress was about to surprise Athalia–who was told that she will not have a birthday celebration for 2020–by making the latter’s wish come true of being Elsa for a day with a Frozen-themed birthday party. What she didn’t know was that Vino also had a surprise for her: a wedding proposal.