Heartwarming: Inspiration behind Disney’s viral Paskong Pinoy-themed ad is a grandmother

  • The inspiration behind Disney’s viral Paskong Pinoy-themed Christmas ad is a  grandmother 
  • The short film features “pagmamano”, making lanterns at home, and the use of “lola” which is the Tagalog term for “grandmother”
  • It also displayed the Philippine flag upside down, indicating that the country was in a state of war in 1940

From displaying the Philippine flag upside down which indicates a state of war in 1940 to highlighting the country’s traditions that live up to the modern days while being far from home, Disney’s Christmas short film is definitely a picture of both the Paskong Pinoy and the Filipino culture.

Image via Disney UK | Facebook

On Facebook, Disney’s heartwarming ad has been capturing the emotion of a lot of social media users, especially Filipinos who are not just moved by the campaign but are deeply honored for the country’s recognition, as well. But what inspired the creator to make a “very Pinoy” short film?

Well, it’s not actually a “what”, but a “who — the creator’s grandmother.

In an interview with The Drum, Angela Affinita — the brand and creative marketing director at Disney Consumer Products, Games, and Publishing in EMEA–shared, “The ad for me is such a great reflection of the bonds between families. We all have unique traditions, especially at Christmas, so being able to draw on my own experience with my Filipina grandmother and the making of star lanterns to bring a level of authentic creativity is pretty special. One of my favorite moments is when Lola hangs the finished lantern in the window, which recalls some wonderful memories for me.”

The story which is set in the Philippines began in 1940; showing a little girl who just received a Mickey Mouse stuffed toy for Christmas. Fast forward to 2005, the little girl – who was already a grandmother – passed on the stuffed toy to her grandchild.

Image via Disney UK | Facebook

Years later, however, the granddaughter grew up enough and turned her back not only on the toy that she once loved but also on her Christmas bond with her grandmother; leaving the house to enjoy the holiday outside.

But just in time for Christmas, the granddaughter got home and realized what she has done. She then fixed the stuffed toy and lit up the whole house with lanterns to surprise her beloved grandmother.