This vlogger pretends to run out of gas, rewards helpful rider with a helmet, some groceries and cash

  • A vlogger made a ‘social experiment’ to check if someone would help him if he runs out of gas
  • A rider with no helmet offered to buy him gas and even gave it for free
  • The vlogger was moved by his kindness and as a reward, he surprised him with a helmet, some groceries and some money

A vlogger who calls himself JayTV KaTagumpay Lasian recently did some kind of social experiment and rewarded his ‘victim’ with a surprise.

Image capture of video by JayTV #KaTagumpay via YouTube

In one episode, he pretended to have ran out of gas in the middle of a highway. A male rider stopped at him and asked. Jay discussed his situation. With no hesitation, the man offered to buy gas and left.

While waiting, Jay told his viewers he was amazed with the rider’s kindness. The unknown man did not even ask for any amount before he left to buy Jay’s fuel. He had no helmet and was only wearing a sleeveless shirt, shorts and slippers. With that, Jay was convinced that this man is a candidate for his rewards.

Thirty minutes later, the rider returned; bringing his fuel. When Jay asked how much he owed him, he refused to be paid. Jay was even more dumbfounded with that kindness, so he went straight to his intentions.

Jay spoke, “Lahat to, tay kunwari lang. Sinubukan ko lang kayo. Nakita ko, tay napakabuti ng puso n’yo. Tinulungan n’yo ako. Ayaw n’yo pa pabayaran sa akin ‘yan. Maraming salamat, tay!”

He gave a lovely helmet and two bags of rice and groceries; apparently from his KaTagumpay Team. He also gave some undisclosed amount of cash from his own pocket. He asked the man why he came to help. The rider told him that he knew we are in a crisis right now and that people should help each other. Even nurses, manong said, are not afraid to help us. Aww. How not to melt over this?

Image capture of video by JayTV #KaTagumpay via YouTube

He is 49 years old and has three kids. He was on his way home after buying fish but he cared enough to check on the problematic man by the roadside. He rushed home to drop the fish to his wife and went back to help Jay without losing any minute.

Life was quite difficult for him. In this time of COVID, his family is surviving with the help of some relief goods provided by the government. Despite that, we can still feel his optimism and selflessness.

Upon receiving all his rewards, he became emotional. At last, he can now ride safely. Jay was overwhelmed too. He met a deserving man. He aired that even during these tough times, let us keep helping each other. You never know when it’s you who’ll need a helping hand. It always pays to be kind. Always.

When Manong asked for his name to remember him by, Jay humorously replied, “Jericho Rosales”.  Lol

Watch the whole kindness vlog here entitled “The Fake ‘Jericho Rosales’ Prank: