Dad shares photos of nurses daughter, son-in-law, workmates wearing helmets, plastic bags over lack of PPE supply

  • A father described on Facebook what his daughter and son-in-law, as well as their workmates, wear as they serve as nurses at the NCMH
  • They use helmets and plastic bags since their PPE supplies are running out
  • The couple became PUIs and are now in quarantine

PPEs are the most in-demand medical gears globally. As almost every country across the globe addresses its rising COVID-19 patients, supply is never sufficient. Manufacturers are pushed to produce non-stop trying their best to deliver targets.

Image via Oliver Lamson | Facebook

The good thing is that  the “bayanihan” culture of Filipinos made its way into certain individuals initiating the creation of makeshift gears like face shields, hazmat suits and masks. To date, countless kind-hearted Pinoys are producing these essentials to address the needs of our frontliners.  For the rest of the health workers who are still waiting for help to come, their resourcefulness saves them in the meantime just like this story.

Oliver Lamson shared on Facebook how his daughter and son-in-law and their workmates find ways to protect themselves while on duty. They are nurses at the National Center for Mental Health. The institution has positive cases of COVID-19 for patients and hospital staff already.

“They are risking their own lives and putting those of the patients’ as well because they are still required to report for work even [if] they are considered as PUI,” Oliver said in his post.

Image via Oliver Lamson | Facebook

In one of the photos, two of the staff are seen wearing helmets, face mask and gloves while doing administrative tasks. When they face the patients, they use plastic bags as hair cap and shoe covers. Gloves for the hands are sometimes worn to cover the shoes. Such a pityful sight for our dear nurses.

NCMH is currently asking for PPEs. They prefer it over food. For those who are interested to donate, please see the details here.

As of March 28, there are 4 health workers with COVID-19 at the NCMH.

Oliver Lamson shared with Buzz Definitely Filipino that the couple is now undergoing quarantine. That’s a relief!

Salute to them and hope they can recover the soonest!.