When creativity strikes: Syrian vlogger makes a DIY house for cats waiting for adoption

  • Basel, the famous vlogger, helps stray cats find their fur parents over the years
  • He made an inexpensive DIY cat house for their stray cat living in their milk tea shop
  • The outcome was awesome that not only Ginger loved it but the netizens as well

Vlogger Basel also known as “The Hungry Syrian Wanderer” isn’t just a good samaritan helping the less fortunate people but is an animal advocate as well.

Image via YOLO Bubble Milktea & Retro Diner | Facebook

In his YOLO Bubble Milktea and Retro Diner Facebook page, he shared that ever since he started a business, he has a heart for stray cats.   These cats go and live in his milk tea shop and he takes care of them until they are adopted.

“I always make sure they have enough supply of cat food inside our shop to feed the strays who visit us. It came to a point that new cats always show up every after successful adoption,” he said.  He leaves food inside boxes so that they can eat and run. But lately, he thought of making a mini cat house for them to stay and enjoy its amenities.

Image via YOLO Bubble Milktea & Retro Diner | Facebook

The DIY house is made of cardboard. The features include fresh flower pots, “cable TV” and cat size bed with blanket.  Not only that, they are provided with unli buffet of cat food. with fresh water replenished four times a day.  And for those who plan to sneak out the cat from the shop would better think again.  3 CCTV cameras face the cat house ensuring its safety. And yes he is serious about that.

The lucky cat who is enjoying its pampered residence is Ginger; a 7-month- old female cat.  And oh she is loving it so much. We bet, she will be having more cat naps from now on.

Netizens loved his creativity and some shared photos of their cats too.

Image via YOLO Bubble Milktea & Retro Diner | Facebook

“This is so cute! How resourceful of you to think of this, Basel, and you have a good heart! For that, I pray that God will bless and protect you! Will share this in my next blog in. Late na kasi noong lumabas ito!”

Sometimes all we need is a kind heart and a little creativity to make a difference.

And for Ginger, we hope she gets adopted soon!