Say hi to Quimera, the gorgeous and unique “two-faced” cat

  • A gorgeous and fluffy cat has become an Instagram-favorite because of its unique “two-faced” feature
  • The cat was named Quimera, a sweet and affectionate kitten from Argentina that has blue and hazel-brown eyes
  • The cat is a chimera cat, a genetic cat condition which resulted due to two embryos forming into a single organism

Recently, people on the Internet have been obsessing over a mobile game application called “Adorable Home.” Basically, this game is just about taking care of pet cats while designing your home’s lounge, garden, bedroom, and bathroom (which will be coming soon!).

Image via Instagram / @gataquimera

However, this is not the only cat-related obsession that has been roaming around social networking sites. To date, a two-faced cat has become one of Instagram favorites because of its unique physical appearance and features!

Get to know Quimera, a “two-faced” cat from Argentina that has already over 92,000 followers on Instagram. Quimera has two kinds of color running over her body, with each eye having a different color which made an impression that she has two faces.

Quimera was named after her condition, chimera or feline genetic chimera, a genetic cat condition wherein two embryos formed into a single organism, and in this case, a cat. The black and brown (hazel) color-split of Quimera runs straight in the middle of her body.

Image via Instagram / @gataquimera

From her “two-faced” blue and hazel eyes, the color split continues down her chest to the front of her legs, with the sides reverse. Additionally, Quimera has a perfectly fluffy coat and a plume cat tail.

This Argentinian cat’s Instagram bio says la gata de dos caras, which translates to “the two-faced cat.” A story from the coleandmarmalade  disclosed that her owner said Quimera is a sweet and affectionate kitten.

Image via Instagram / @gataquimera

“Despite her popularity, she acts just as any other sweetheart cat would,” the article noted. Quimera’s owner also said that they adopted her from a friend. It was in 2016 when images of Quimera first surfaced online.

Even with their unique appearance, chimera cats are not super rare. However, the split colors does not occur as common as some others say they do.

To see more of Quimera’s gorgeous photos, visit her Instagram account. Click here.