Male commuter in Japan pushes stop button on train after a passenger with no mask coughed

  • A man riding a train in Japan pushed the emergency stop button
  • He said he saw someone without a face mask coughing
  • The coughing passenger said he was not able to avail a mask due to a shortage of supplies in his place

With COVID-19 awareness, it has made almost everyone concerned about their health.  With this,  people in countries with significant cases of the virus wear masks all the time, especially when going out of their homes.  But what if someone in an enclosed vehicle is coughing and does not wear a mask?  Here is an interesting story in Japan.

Image via 城視JP | Facebook

A commuter on a train traveling along the Nanakuma Line in Fukuoka City pushed the emergency stop button because he saw someone coughing without a mask.  The train then made an emergency stop at the nearest station.

The man who coughed and didn’t wear a mask was questioned.  He said he was not able to avail of a mask due to limited supply in their region.  Both parties were able to settle the issue yet that caused a little delay on the train’s travel time by three minutes.

A representative of Fukuoka City Subway said that things like this never happened on a flu season.

“Why would someone stop a train because of a mask?” he said.

Image via Pixabay

The COVID-19 scare got a new level when experts in China reported that aside from direct and contact transmission, it can also be transferred through aerosol transmission. So for a coughing or sneezing patient, for example, the virus combines with water droplets in the air to form aerosols that stay up in the air for a period of time.

Japan ranks third on the highest number of people infected after China and Korea. Based on a February 24 update by the World Health Organization, Japan has 105 confirmed cases. Globally, there are 79,331 cases where 77,262 are from China, as of posting.